Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop Review


Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron E1705 is a portable 17-inch widescreen display offers the latest Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) processor. The Inspiron E1705 is configured entertainment notebook with T5600, T7200 or T7400 Core 2 Duo CPU, Intel Core Solo and Duo. It has 2GB of SDRAM, up to 200 GB SATA hard drive and DVD recorder. This graph is (128 MB dedicated and up to 128 MB shared) by the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 with 256 MB of memory supplied with power, but can be upgraded with the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS with 256 MB dedicated video memory.


  • Inspiron E1705

  • Intel? Core? Duo T2300 (FSB 1.66GHz/667MHz)

  • Windows Genuine? XP Media Center Edition 2005

  • LCD 17 "UltraSharp? Wide Screen UXGA with TrueLife? Br> Shared Memory 1 GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533 MHz

  • 256 MB NVIDIA graphics card? GeForce? Go 7900 GS

  • Hard Drive 60 GB 7200 rpm SATA HDD

  • AC Power Adapter 90 Watt Power Supply Replacement

  • Operating System (Office software not included) Genuine Windows? XP Media Center Edition 2005

  • Integrated 10/100 and modem

  • Adobe Software Adobe? Acrobat? Reader 6.0

  • 8x DVD + RW combo CD / DVD (DVD + /-RW) with Double Layer DVD + R capacity

  • Sound Options Integrated Sound Blaster? Audigy? ADVANCED HD Audio

  • Intel wireless cards? PRO 3945 and Dell 350 Bluetooth Internal Card

  • Office Software (not included in Windows XP) No productivity suite-Corel WordPerfect word processor only

  • Anti-Virus/Security Suite (pre-installed) No Security Subscription

  • Primary Battery 53 WHr 6-cell lithium-ion dell laptop batteries

  • Large backpack handbags

  • 1 year warranty on hardware Ltd Warranty, 1 Year Mail-In Service, 1 year warranty HW

  • Dial-up access six months include America Online Membership

  • Broadband Mobile Broadband ExpressCard technology is not in the market today

  • New Operating System Genuine Windows installation CD? XP Media Center Edition 2005 re-installation CD

  • Dell Digital Entertainment Starter Entertainment Pack - Basic digital Music, Photo and Game experience

Ports and Terminals:

  • 1 x S-Video connection

  • 1 x VGA port

  • 1 x DVI port

  • 1 x Modem

  • Network socket x 1

  • 6 x USB ports

  • 1 FireWire

  • 1 x PCMCIA slot

  • Headphone and microphone

  • SD / MMC


dell inspiron e1705

The Inspiron E1705 is the replacement for a desktop system to cause very stile what users can do based. This is one of its greatest strengths but also weaknesses. Consumers have a clear idea of what the devices are used to buy, if they have them. After all, you can buy in a very limited budget settings at the level of a class of portable game consoles.

Dell is usually well ahead of the curve when it comes to the integration of advanced technology at affordable prices and this time is no different. The Dell Inspiron E1705 Inspiron 9300 multimedia notebook updates with new Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology and many other fine features. Although the focus (both components and performance) is entertainment, the E1705 is the perfect addition to complement the digital home, even for games.

You have two options for the E1705 displays, either a matte WXGA + or UXGA TrueLife style. The E1705 I have is equipped with the UXGA TrueLife screen. E1705 speakers are on the underside of the notebook. The speakers are very good for a laptop and easy to get strong enough to comfortably hear a DVD an entire room. The E1705 processor on this machine works with the review GHz Dual-Core 2.0 - meaning multi-tasking is what this team was born to do. All benchmark results are a laptop E1705 standard - no overclocking or update the driver in fact. The E1705 works well when in a room of about 70 degrees Celsius and is seated at a table, the fan is quiet and capable of dissipating openings when using the laptop for basic tasks in the office.


Dell E1705 Battery Information

dell inspiron e1705 battery

I have a 9-cell battery with the long-term E1705. The standard battery is a 6-cells. Adjust the brightness with Wi-Fi, the Level 3 (maximum 7) and the E1705 for the functions of the light, I’m 2 hours 41 min battery life before the notebook entered forced hibernation, the remaining 5% battery occurs. For a 17 "laptop is actually pretty decent, but considering it was using light (this review write was performed) and Wi-Fi has had to test it very mildly. When you play a DVD and Wi-Fi battery should be about fall 2 hours.. With a desktop-replacement laptop with a fast processor and graphics cards High-End, expect battery life, can be too thin, however. You can do most bettery with a model E1705 with integrated graphics, brightness at minimum and the Wi-Fi - but the funny thing is that when you have a laptop screen 17 may be "just realize that you probably have to hide, say, near a power outlet, and that most of these books are primarily as a desktop replacement there is no doubt in order again, which this application. An interesting aspect is that it pressed a button battery that shows how much charge is left can be. A series of 5 green LED battery lights up and shows you how the battery is full, which is useful when you start your computer, just to see how much battery life left do.

Replacement For dell inspiron E1705 Battery

[4400/6600mAh,11.1V] Brand new dell inspiron e1705 battery rechargeable.

Dell inspiron E1705 laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM inspiron E1705 battery which can works with a lot of dell notebook laptop computer. dell inspiron E1705 laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Brand: dell (Not OEM)

  • Category: batteries

  • Chemistry: Li-ion

  • Volt: 11.1V

  • Capacity: 4400/6600mAh

  • Net Weight: 528.00 g

  • Dimension:177 x 115 x 45mm

    inspiron E1705 battery Detail:

  • Li-ion 11.1V 6600mAh Black dell inspiron E1705 battery .

  • This dell inspiron E1705 laptop battery has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed.Brand new, never refurbished, 100% compatible, No memory effect.

  • This battery replace OEM code : 310-6321,,310-6322, 312-0340, D5318, G5260, G5266, U4873

  • This battery fit models : inspiron 6000 , inspiron 9200 , inspiron 9300 , inspiron 9400 , inspiron E1705 , inspiron xps gen 2 , inspiron xps m10 , inspiron xps m110 , etc.


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Car battery power to seize the high prices, experts called for calm reflection

Car battery power to seize the high prices, experts called for calm reflection

SAIC project manager of new energy vehicles, said recently that the current SAIC battery development is weak. SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan said the auto companies should be between joint R & D, "Power battery is very concerned about each company's technology to enterprises in accordance with market principles by the organization of joint research and development, for national support, the development of national standards, corporate Shared R & D results. "

In fact, the car companies and other key components in the battery research and development is relatively weak, and this is precisely the core of new energy vehicles, the largest part of the industrial value, so big hurry Zhengqu Automotive Group is a breakthrough, occupy the high ground.

Zhou Wenjie said the deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor, Dongfeng future in batteries, electrical and electronic control must have its own core technology and patents, "hoping to control strategic resources." Changan Auto executives said the key components in the R & D, Chang is the most certain electronic control systems, and batteries, electric motors have to find matching system.

Even if the new energy battery is the "boss" of BYD, is also facing battery intellectual property rights. It has always been vested on the BYD iron battery patent challenge. It is understood that BYD currently has thousands of "patent engineer" and a large patent database, patent all possible risks estimates.

The collective experience of the battery car companies prompted the bottleneck problem. Many experts have to face "hot" momentum loudly, hoping to acquire new energy auto companies core technology as soon as possible, and do not ignore the improvement of traditional technology upgrade.

The industry believes that the new energy vehicles should not be simply equated with hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, and the marginalization of other alternative energy sources, if a large amount of new energy vehicles can not reach but easy to use, it can not be popular.

Car companies have different voices within. Yuan Tao, deputy general manager of Chery Automobile believe that an effective way to solve the problem is to achieve diversification, and should continue to strengthen the traditional gasoline engine fuel economy and reducing consumption. Ford senior technical expert of the original Yang Jialin that the energy conditions are so severe, if not fuel-efficient vehicle power technologies mainstream efforts, it is unrealistic and dangerous. When a large number of foreign low-cost, low fuel consumption of automotive products to enter the Chinese market, independent of the mainstream brands will not be able to compete.

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Canon EOS 40D Camera Review

Canon EOS 40D Camera Review


Canon EOS 40D Camera

The EOS 40D is the sixth "prosumer" Canon’s digital SLR, a line that began in 2000 with the EOS D30, and how we did. It is now 18 months since the EOS 30D and if it looks the surface of the 40D because it is a fairly subtle upgrade there are many things that makes a better camera. Of course, we hope that a step in megapixels, so the 40D comes with a CMOS sensor Sensor ten million pixels with the same type of dust reduction as the EOS 400D For ultrasonic platform which shakes the low pass filter. Further improvements to the EOS 40D more in harmony with the EOS-1D series, including a train on the same page after page of the menu system, RAW and sRAW (2.5 MP), 14-bit A / D and 14 - bit RAW, points cross type AF F5. 6 or more rapidly, more and bright viewfinder, interchangeable focusing screens, a larger LCD screen (3.0 ") and faster continuous shooting (6.5 fps).

Main features of the Canon EOS 40D:

  • Increased efficiency of 10.1 megapixels with larger microlenses

  • Widescreen 3.0-inch LCD with improved color space

  • Live Show

  • 6.5 fps capability of continuous shooting (3 fps also available)

  • In 6.5fps, the buffer contains 75 Large / Fine JPEG or 17 RAW images

  • In the buffer of 3 frames per second is about 205 Large / Fine JPEG or 20 RAW images

  • New AF system with 9 cross type sensors

  • Improved accuracy of the central AF 2.8 and faster.

  • 14-bit A / D processor DIGIC III

  • New mechanism for the silent shutter mirror

  • Highlight Tone Priority

  • High ISO NR

  • The Integrated Self Cleaning Sensor

  • Increased (0.95) Optical viewfinder magnification (0.90x 30D)

  • Interchangeable focusing screens

  • Continuous display of ISO in viewfinder

  • Auto ISO mode

  • ISO 100-1600 More "H" (3200) (eg, 30D)

  • Powered by BP-511A, BP-511 battery or Lithium Ion BP-512

  • stores images on CF cards

  • first Price $ 1,299.00

  • Availability - Now available!


Canon EOS 40D Camera

This photo of the back of the Canon EOS 40D shows some of the new external functions. The large 3 inch LCD screen is immediately noticeable, especially for owners of the EOS 20D (20D has a 1.8 "LCD). There is a new dedicated AF button on the top right and" Picture Style button (the button right of the screen below). Otherwise, the layout of controls should be very familiar to users of EOS 20D/30D.

True to the line, the Canon EOS 40D is very similar to their predecessors, especially the EOS 30D and 5D. From the rear, but there is one big difference: The 3.0-inch LCD. His influence on the design of the control is returned if he had four big buttons that normally move to the left of the screen, dressed down, below the LCD screen. When it comes to displaying images, Live View composition or change the settings menu is the large LCD.


Canon 40D

The top cover of the Canon 40D is more familiar with only minor differences. The mode dial on the left has some additional icons, C1, C2 and C3, which are areas of convenient storage for frequently used settings, a welcome addition. optimized on the right side of the main difference in a special section on the status LCD on permanent display in the current ISO standard, the word "car" is another interesting addition to the 40D Creative as’ specific skills (is Auto ISO is the default in Full Auto and scene modes). Later, the models should have the ISO button to display the current configuration.

UI measured faster, especially when using manual exposure or exposure compensation settings:

  • two wheels instead of a

  • Excellent durability and protection against dust and rain

  • The largest physical size, the necessary controls in a natural position for most adult hands

  • LCD better or brighter and more

  • (for soccer moms) and the best system for auto focus unit upside faster to capture peak action in a sporting event

As with other modern digital SLRs, the Canon 40D on almost immediately and is very sensitive, a welcome improvement on a typical point and digital cameras.



Although none of the cameras to support AA batteries (which some, including myself, prefer) of the box, which support some of their optional battery grips.

Would the battery life better? Then take the battery grip BG-E2 news. This has two BP-511A or six AA batteries, twice the battery life of the camera alone. You can use Grip BG-E2 of the age and use - the difference is that new watertight compartments with climate. Both clips are additional buttons that are practical for inclusion in the portrait orientation.

If you shoot in portrait mode, especially when taking in that long, a portrait of accessories / vertical grip is a great victory. It gives a much more comfortable and stable "dslr battery grip" on the camera body. There are many shooters for the Canon EOS 40D are (they attach to the bottom of the unit as shown above). The first 20D/30D to handle - the Canon BG-E2 (now deleted). The second is new at this time Canon BG-E2. Add This handle is not surprising that the "AF-ON", but a little time stamping.


Canon EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement

Canon EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement

  • EOS 40D Grip replacement specifications :

  • Voltage : 7.4V

  • Capacity :

  • Battery Type :

  • Dimensions : 143.0×76.0×110.5mm

Canon eos 40d battery grip Replacement - Product information

  • The Canon EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement inbox: battery grip, AA battery box!

  • EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement charger: Input- 100V~240V AC 50/60HZ 0.5A, Output - 12.5V DC 750mA .

  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 40D/EOS 30D/EOS 40D DSLR cameras.

  • The most attractive point is that the EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement can use high capacity Lithium Ion battery, which makes more shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.

  • The Canon EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.

  • Order Canon EOS 40D Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30days money back.

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Solar cells

Solar cells

Principles of solar cell power generation

Solar cells is a response to light and can convert light energy into electrical power devices. Photovoltaic effect can produce many kinds of materials, such as: silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, copper indium selenium. They are basically the same principle of power generation is now crystal as an example to describe the light generation process. P-type crystalline silicon doped with phosphorus can be obtained through N-type silicon, the formation of P-N junction.

When the surface of solar cells exposed to light, the part of the photon absorbed by silicon material; photon energy transfer to the silicon atom, the electron transfer occurred in Vietnam, becoming free electrons in the P-N junction potential difference formed on both sides of gathering, when the external access through the circuit, under the effect of the voltage, current will flow through the external circuit to generate a certain output power. The essence of this process: photon energy into electrical energy process.

About Sun

The sun is the nearest star from Earth is the center of the sun object, its mass accounted for 99.865 percent of total mass of the solar system. Sun is the only solar system objects in their own light, it brings light and heat the planet. If there is no exposure to sunlight, the ground temperature will quickly drop to near absolute zero. As sunlight exposure, average surface temperature will be maintained at around 14 °C, the formation of the human and the majority of biological survival. In addition to nuclear, geothermal and volcanic energy, the ground most of the energy are directly or indirectly related to the Sun.

The sun is a mainly composed of hydrogen and helium gas hot fireball with a radius of 6.96 × 105km (109 times the Earth radius), mass of about 1.99 × 1027t (33 times the Earth mass), the average density of about Earth 1 / 4. The effective temperature of the sun's surface 5762K, while the internal temperature of the central region and up to tens of millions of degrees. The sun's energy comes mainly from the hydrogen fusion reaction together into helium, there are 6.57 × 1011kg per second polymerization of hydrogen helium 6.53 × 1011kg, continuous production of 3.90 × 1023kW energy. The energy form of electromagnetic waves to 3 × 105km / s speed through space shooting in all directions. Global solar radiation the Earth receives only one half of 2.2 billion, that is 1.77 × 1014kW reach the Earth's atmosphere on the edge of the ("upper bound"), due to the attenuation through the atmosphere, the last of about 8.5 × 1013kW reach the surface, this generating capacity equivalent to the number of dozens of times around the world.

According to the current estimated rate of nuclear energy produced by the sun, hydrogen is sufficient to maintain reserves of 60 billion years, Earth's internal organization of the polymer into helium by thermonuclear reactions, it is about 50 billion years of life, so in this sense, it can be said of the sun energy is inexhaustible.

Sun's structure and energy transfer methods are briefly described below.

Great mass of the sun, the sun's own gravity, solar material gathered to the core, the core center of the high density and temperature, making the nuclear reaction can occur. The nuclear reaction is the sun's energy, the energy generated by continuous radiation to space, and control the activities of the sun. According to various indirect and direct information, that the sun can be divided from the center to the edge of the nuclear reaction zone, radiation zone, convection zone and the solar atmosphere.

(1) Nuclear reaction zone

25% of the solar radius (ie 0.25R) in the region, the core of the sun, focusing the sun more than half the quality. Here temperature is about 15 million degrees (K), atmospheric pressure is about 250 billion (1atm = 101325Pa), the density close to the 158g/cm3. This part of the total energy generated by solar energy produces 99% of the total, and radiate outward convection and radiation methods. Emit gamma-ray polymerization of hydrogen, these rays through the colder areas, energy consumption, increasing wavelength, into X-ray or ultraviolet and visible light.

(2) radiation zone

Outside of the nuclear reaction zone is the radiation zone, belongs to range from 0.25 ~ 0.8R, the temperature dropped to 13 million degrees, the density dropped to 0.079g/cm3. The energy generated in the solar core from the radiative transfer through out the region.

(3) convective zone

Outside the radiation zone is the convection zone (troposphere), belongs to range from 0.8 ~ 1.0R, the temperature dropped to 5000K, the density of 10-8g/cm3. In the convection zone, the energy spread mainly by convection. Inside the convection zone and part is invisible, they can only rely on the nature of observation consistent with the theoretical calculations to determine.

(4) solar atmosphere

Can be divided into ball of light, color ball, corona and other levels, all levels have significantly different physical properties. The lowest level of the solar atmosphere called the photosphere, the sun almost all the energy given from this level. Continuous spectrum is basically the sun's photosphere spectrum, absorption lines within the solar spectrum is basically formed within this layer. The thickness of the photosphere is about 500km. Chromosphere is the solar atmosphere of the middle, is the outward extension of the photosphere, has been extended to thousands of kilometers can be high. The outer solar atmosphere called the corona, the corona is extremely thin gas shell, can be extended to several solar radii away. Strictly speaking, the only form of stratified solar atmosphere the significance, in fact, does not exist between the layers is a clear boundary, and their temperature and density with height is continuously changing.

Visible, the sun is not a certain temperature blackbody, but the many layers of different wavelengths of radiation, the radiation body. However, in the description of the sun, the sun as the temperature is typically 6000K, 0.3 ~ 3.0µm wavelength of the black body radiation.

Recent development of solar energy utilization

Has learned from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, East China Normal University researchers using nano-materials in the laboratory success "recycling" chloroplasts, in a very low cost to achieve energy generation.

Chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis of plants, effective conversion of sunlight into chemical energy. The research group of plants in vitro is not "copy" of a chloroplast, but developed a similar chloroplast structure and a new battery --- dye-sensitized solar cells, convert light into electrical energy trying. In Shanghai Nano Special Fund's support, after 3 years experiment and explore, this bionic photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells for more than 10%, nearly 11% of the world highest level.

Project Manager, East China Normal University is satisfied with the advanced equipment Optoelectronic Integrated Engineering Research Center, Ministry of Education, Professor Sun Zhuo demonstrated a new type of solar cells, "sandwich" structure sandwiched a layer of insulating glass nano --- "sandwich", photoelectric conversion of the mystery hidden in this layer tens of microns thick composite film. Nano "sandwich" and "formula" is unique: Dye to act as "light-harvesting hand", nano titanium dioxide is a "media converter." Dyes as much as possible in order to "eat" the sun, researchers even inspired to spread the point "sauce" --- a fluorescent material by the nano-dots, so that different wavelengths of light can be on a "fishing light hand "and" appetite. " Continue to improve as long as the "recipe" nano "sandwich" of the photoelectric conversion efficiency can be improved again and again.

As a third generation solar cells, dye-sensitized cells is the biggest attraction of cheap raw materials and simple production process. It is estimated that the cost of dye-sensitized cell silicon solar panels equal to only 1 / 10. At the same time, it less demanding lighting conditions, even in the sun is not enough room, the photoelectric conversion rate can not be seriously affected. In addition, it also has many interesting uses. For example, using plastic instead of glass "plates" can be bent into flexible batteries; to make it into the monitor, you can side of the power generation side of the light, to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy, development of solar energy in the power generation process to reduce use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing air pollution and global warming.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T500 Laptop Review

Lenovo ThinkPad T500 Laptop Review



The ThinkPad T series of famous models are top real estate through a lot. Therefore, each new model with great attention than expected. This time, Lenovo will incorporate some interesting news. New Lenovo ThinkPad T series has new naming convention.

The T500 ThinkPad is the latest update from 15.4 to long-term Lenovo T series. The combination of the latest generation of Intel goodies, ATI Hybrid, and DisplayPort connection this notebook has to offer many new things in previous ThinkPads. With all these changes in place, Lenovo remains the same version we expect, or quality standards slipped through the cracks?

T500 (incomplete) Centrino 2 based on the platform and you can read our review of the Centrino 2 platform HERE. Lenovo has decided to use an Atheros wireless adapter instead of Intel, and therefore there is no certificate T500 Centrino. Notebook is the latest generation of Intel processor that has great benefits (2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) and fast hard drive forever, of course. Resolution 1920×1200 (WUXGA) matte screen on the 15.4′’seems almost unreal. Of course, not lose many words about the quality of the image, but it really is true delight graphics subsystem.



ThinkPad T500 Specifications:

  • Display: 15.4 "1680 x 1050 WSXGA + LCD (Matte)

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 (2.80GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 6MB cache)

  • Memory: 2 GB of DDR3 RAM

  • Storage: 160 GB hard drive (7,200 rpm)

  • Optical Drive: DVD + /-RW

  • Wireless: 802.11b / g, Bluetooth 2.0

  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 with 256 MB or Intel X4500 integrated (hybrid switching)

  • Integrated webcam

  • Battery: 9 cells (84 h W nominal, real 81Wh)

  • Dimensions: 14.1 x 10/10.9 "x 1.8"

  • Weight: 6 lbs 7.2 oz (w / 9 cell battery)

Lenovo currently offers two different views for the T500. The first is a panel with LED backlight WXGA 1280×800 and the other is a 1680×1050 WSXGA screen. The panel WSXGA significantly higher compared to the same work area and resolution, especially when working with multiple windows open. LED panel on the other hand, has a higher brightness and better lighting.

However, if you really need much space for CAD programs or image editing, the WSXGA panel may be limited, and you’d better take a look at the series ThinkPad W500, a WUXGA (1920×1200 pixels) offering.

Our test model was equipped with a 1680×1050 WSXGA slab. It reaches a maximum value of 203cd / m in the central area of the screen, and meets the manufacturer’s specifications of 200 nits (cd / m²).

Although the brightness was in the viewing area in the upper left, at least 169.4cd / m², the screen is a good illumination of 83.7%.


Lenovo thinkpad t500 laptop battery

lenovo thinkpad t500 battery

Lenovo Thinkpad T500 usually contains a rechargeable lenovo thinkpad t500 battery 6-cell lithium ion with a capacity of 5200mAh (56.16Wh). In addition, there are also a 9-cell battery and Ultrabay battery available. The larger 9-cell primary battery is identical to the T61 models and get a small lift in the back of the notebook. What the 9-cell battery, however, the T61 Ultrabay battery models used in the ThinkPad T500. However, it is possible to define a T500 Ultrabay battery in the Ultrabay slot of a T61 model.

6-cell battery is not unique to the case and moved a little. The portable T500 was able to run the battery test units high (minimum brightness, the energy saving mode, compared to WLAN) to a maximum of 276 minutes with 6-cell battery. Under load, the battery test Eater Classic (maximum brightness, maximum power and more power), which took only 61 minutes to drain the lenovo battery. Both results were obtained with the graphics card active. In addition, ATI PowerPlay with disabilities in the conventional test, the laptop delivered the same performance as if it had been inserted media

The autonomy of the T500 in the classical test has increased by 82 minutes with integrated graphics, which represents an increase of 22 minutes. The energy consumption shows that Thinkpad T500 consumes less power 3.5 W with integrated graphics, compared with the dedicated ATI graphics card. The low consumption of the chip is also significantly under load.

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⇒⇒⇒ sony vgp-bps9a battery

⇒⇒⇒ lenovo 3000 y300 battery

⇒⇒⇒ PA3399U-1BRS battery

⇒⇒⇒ laptop batteries



Continental Nissan produced less than half the price of the battery industry in urgent need of technology upgrades

Continental Nissan produced less than half the price of the battery industry in urgent need of technology upgrades

3-day Ninth China International Battery Fair ended recently in Beijing Exhibition Center during the exhibition, many exhibitors around the theme of the new energy, focus to the publicShowChina in recent years, the batteryLineIndustry madeTechnologyResultsLineAchievements and industry applicationsIndustryDevelopment of good posture.

The cell development by the China Battery Industry Association, the National "863" major special power battery electric vehicle testing centers and contractors Beijing Huaxing Orient Exhibition Co., Ltd., received national battery business of the utmost support.

Show the same day, a small Zezhao Mi Kyoto University Professor, Canada teck Products Technology Center Dr. Zhang Xiao-ge battery experts and scholars visit the International Fair site and a cordial exchange with the exhibitors, for long life, low-cost lead-acid batteries, as well as excellent energy the promotion of zinc carriers put forward their point of view.

Results show the rapid development of the battery industry

Special arrangements for the exhibition of China Battery Industry Association 20th anniversary celebration of the Industrial Development Forum and the battery industry through the development of these activities show the battery industry as a whole.

Battery Industry is a comprehensive advantages of the traditional industries, but with new materials, new techniques, new technology, is increasingly becoming an emerging high-tech industries. The adjustment of industrial structure of the world in recent years, China has gradually developed into a world battery production, processing and trade center, is the world's largest battery producer.

According to reports, in recent years, China's battery industry showed the following characteristics: production increased steadily, rapid export growth, technological progress accelerated, more reasonable product structure, diversified enterprises, large-scale development, and equipment levels gradually increased, overall strength significantly enhanced.

The battery industry, led to China's electronic appliances, metals, chemicals, mining, machinery and other related industries in the national economy played an important role. With the rapid development of the global economy, the growing demand for energy, fossil energy depletion is facing a shortage of even the crisis and to the enormous pressure of environmental protection, which directly affects the accelerated development and application of new energy demand.

According to the survey, nearly 5 years, average growth rate of China's battery sales of over 20% per year, output growth rate of 10%, far exceeding the global average. In the past, the tradition of batteries for low-end products; now mercury-free alkaline manganese battery, a lithium battery, maintenance free valve regulated lead-acid batteries, solar cells Dengjun rapid development, China has become the world's three major large and small batteries producers, the world's largest solar cell producer.

Zhe Jiang Chaowei Power Group Co., Ltd. New Energy Business Unit Sales Manager Wang Zang Yin told the "Science Times" reporter: "This exhibition shows the contents of a more integrated, with the battery show this platform, we not only can expand their visibility, enhance enterprise image, but also upstream and downstream enterprises to establish good contacts, from the perspective of the battery industry to seek greater development. "

Coast Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. Tianjin, the staff, the company booth come to understand the situation of the audience flocked to their products, staff too busy to even have no time to eat. In particular, this exhibition is the leading product - a new generation of lithium battery electric vehicles Century wind 2, and so on, entirely developed by the Chinese themselves design, long battery life, lightweight, portable, has received high attention.

Accelerate technological upgrading and product upgrades

Since 2002, China's battery production and exports increased considerably, with 76% for export. By the international financial crisis, since the second half of 2008, China's battery industry growth rate of exports has continued to decline, battery sales increase in accounts receivable, economic decline. With mobile phones, cars, electric bicycles, and other ancillary products production and sales shrink the battery, the battery output growth to fall.

Some show business staff told reporters that the difficulties now faced by enterprises is mainly caused by the increase in battery costs less competitive market, corporate profits dropped significantly. Meanwhile experts also said that China's battery are highly dependent on international markets, especially in solar cells, 95% of exports, 90% dependent on imports of raw materials, this "two out" of the market risk is too high, also caused Industry profit-shifting. Relatively backward industrial base of raw materials, key materials still rely on imports, China's high energy consumption and pollution is very low in exchange for economic benefits. Solar cell manufacturers such as the average profit margin is only about 8%, if the deduction of export tax rebate, the enterprise unprofitable. Experts suggest that should be resolved as soon as possible domestic production of crystalline silicon materials and solar domestic consumer market.

Reflect the number of enterprises, large output of the battery, but the cost is not high. For example, the average price of Japanese chewing gum battery is 3 dollars / only, South Korea and China Taiwan produced about $ 2 battery / only, while the same cells produced in mainland China is only $ 1 more / only, less than the price of Japanese products half. Experts said that China still needs some improving product quality batteries, battery industries need to upgrade technology, the structure of some products such as electric vehicle batteries, zinc-manganese batteries urgent need adjustment.

To completely industrial upgrading

Earlier, the Battery Association has proposed to encourage the development of "green cells and renewable power" to encourage businesses to have the resources and market advantages of countries set up factories in the policy. The next few years, China's battery industry will focus on structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and effective anti-risk ability to improve industry and international competitiveness, improve the capacity of independent innovation and brand building, innovation in the industry to establish a sound support system, and further implementation of the technology and equipment , market diversification and accelerate the world's manufacturing power by the battery industry to manufacture the world's power forward.

Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Chen Liquan said the establishment of National Research Center for the battery industry, integration to improve overall industry capacity for independent innovation, promote technological progress, we should focus on breakthroughs in battery electric vehicles, car key battery materials, key technologies and research and industrialization.

China's huge market for electric bicycle lithium ion battery industry has brought opportunity. Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Professor Huang Xuejie, said: "Every year more than 2000 million electric bicycle sales, the entire electric vehicle industry is a huge boost. It is no exaggeration to say that China's four wheels and an electric car by two wheels and is carry the electric bikes come. "

He expects the next few years, not only the electric car industry needs its own development, China's lithium-ion battery industry will usher in a comprehensive technology upgrade. By 2010 years ago, the lithium ion storage battery materials will enter the industry.

"The battery is the most critical components of electric vehicles is the result of pooling multi-disciplinary research, enterprises need to focus on supporting the Government the choice of quality." At the show, many companies have made such comments.

It is understood that the Government introduced in this area related policies, including the establishment of the battery industry standard access card management system, the battery industry to radically improve the risk of emissions to protect the health of workers labor; create financial incentives to support electric vehicles cells, wind power and solar energy storage battery development, and implementation of clean energy; adjustment of export policy, stability, battery export trade, the establishment of waste battery recycling industry alliances, establish and regulate the waste battery recycling operation, and effectively protect the ecological environment.

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Dell, Inspiron, 6400, Laptop, Review

Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Review



The Dell Inspiron 6400 is a laptop that meets in the center. "It is very light and portable and offers high performance and options for mass media. Basically, you get the best of both worlds, at a reasonable price.

Notebook specifications

  • Processor

    Intel Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz 667 MHz FSB, 2 MB L2 cache

  • Mainboard

    Intel 945PM

  • Memory

    1024 MB DDR2, PC5300, max. 2048MB, 2x512MB

  • Graphics adapter

    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 to 0 MB to 256 MB shared memory

  • Shows

    15/04 16:10, 1280x800 pixel, WXGA Color Shine Glare TFT, glossy: no

  • Hard Disk Box

    Hitachi 60 GB 5400 rpm HTS541060G9SA00

  • Sound Card

    SigmaTel High Definition Audio

  • Connections

    4x USB 2.0, Firewire, LAN, modem, VGA, S-Video, Kensington Lock, 1x Express Card, audio (headphones and microphone)

  • Red

    10/100 Ethernet LAN, Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g Bluetooth, modem

  • Optical drive

    DVD + /-RW Sony DW-Q58A

  • Size

    Height x width x depth (in mm): 36x356x265

  • Weight

    2.8 kg

  • Laptop Batteries

    Lithium-ion 85 Wh

  • More Features

    5in1 card reader



The Dell Inspiron 6400 is a very good notebook with decent options at a reasonable price. 1.86 The Core Duo is ideal for multitasking. The Dell Inspiron 6400 seems to be very compact and robust. The chassis is very rigid against torsion, stamping is almost impossible and the crisis could not be determined. The double hooks to hold the event system, the screen door is not completely closed. That wobble of the screen is possible. The keyboard can be used comfortably. It fits perfectly in the chassis durable and does not wobble or flex. Fortunately, the Dell Inspiron is equipped with a non-reflective 15.4-inch WXGA display. Fortunately, the Dell Inspiron is equipped with a non-reflective 15.4-inch WXGA display. The Dell Inspiron 6400 has everything you need a good office notebook: a durable case, great input devices, a good sample, low noise and low heat generation and good dell laptop batteries life, too.


  • Fast multitasking processor

  • Good battery life

  • Excellent keyboard (good for entry for long periods of time)

  • Mostly calm

  • Very good speakers


  • slow computer applications preinstalled

  • Gets a little warmer than normal with prolonged use (land)

  • Little light leakage at the bottom

  • Not for the hard-core players


Replacement For dell inspiron 6400 Battery

Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop Battery

Battery life in 6400 is very respectable. I was not expecting much and I almost ordered an extra one to go with it. Under normal tasks (WiFi at 75% brightness, Windows Media views), the battery lasts about 3 hours and 15 minutes. With WiFi, and games with little light, I had the opportunity to about 3 hours and 34 minutes. I bet you squeeze 4 hours if I really wanted.

Given the short time we were inside the Dell Inspiron 6400 test, we can not provide accurate data on the different dell inspiron 6400 battery life. Including the dell inspiron 6400 battery charger condition of the clock, then the sums run time up to 2 hours under load and more than 4 hours during the minimum load.

Current consumption

  • Minimum (all off or at least): 15.2 watts

  • Idle (maximum brightness): 22.5 watts

  • Maximum (full load including WLAN). 40.4 watts


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Efforts to promote rapid industrialization of fuel cells

Efforts to promote rapid industrialization of fuel cells

Many people do not know, in the field of fuel cells and optical sensing, Wuhan master the international leading technology. Yesterday afternoon, the Provincial Committee, Party Secretary Song Yang, Wuhan University of Technology research to put forward, to promote the rapid industrialization of these two technologies, and asked relevant departments in the provinces within 1 month and start the action plan developed.

As a new energy, fuel cell is mainly used for electric vehicles, engines, communications, backup power, the base station, the core component is the membrane electrode. Responsible person, Wuhan University of Technology has developed a preparation of membrane electrode CCM technology, currently only the U.S. 3M, Gore and a few of several international companies to grasp.

New Energy Company of Wuhan CCM technology to produce membrane electrode based on output and sales volume has reached 100,000. After testing, the product reach the international advanced level in overall performance, access to the Geneva International Invention Gold Award. Currently, the company is built automated production lines to meet the huge market demand.

According to reports, in the domestic fiber optic sensing technology, Wuhan ray department is the only company with independent intellectual property rights. Past 5 years, the company and the Wuhan University of Fiber Optic Sensing Technology Research Center, Department of commitment to national and provincial projects more than 30 scientific and technological achievements to the international advanced level.

Competition with foreign companies, Polytechnic ray department to the company's core technology products at a distinct advantage. Currently, the company's technology products have been widely used in China in petroleum, petrochemical, power, transportation and other areas, including the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Tianxingzhou, Yangtze River Bridge, Qingchuan Bridge, Yangtze River Bridge and other bridges Yangluo safety monitoring.

Song Yang in the research, pointed out that the industrialization of fuel cells have the foundation to Speeding; optical fiber sensing technology and the market has matured, should speed up the pace of industrialization. He asked relevant departments to step up development of provincial policies and measures to increase investment in capital, market and other aspects of support, and encourage schools, businesses and increase R & D and reserves.

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Canon EOS 30D Camera Review

Canon EOS 30D Camera Review



The range of models in which the EOS 30D features a total of five models, each of which is an update function, resolution, or seen so much. The EOS D30 to D60, which doubled the number of megapixels and improvements on the basis of many of the EOS 10D to 20D again saw an increase in the number of megapixels and power (continuous shooting of five frames per second) . Sun eighteen months after the EOS 20D, the EOS 30D, the truth is one of the updates provided at least exciting. The improvements are as real a larger LCD monitor, standardize "Picture Style", Spot, third stop ISO setting and shutter speed selection continuum. Despite this subtle update, there is a huge amount of interest for this model, Canon has given the "if it is not broke do not fix it" to the graphics on the EOS 30D, the same sensor and image processor (DIGIC II) as the EOS 20D and the camera is the benchmark for eight-megapixel SLR, as it was introduced.

The main highlights of the new Canon EOS 30D:

  • APS-C format (1.6 x multiplier, 22.5 x 15 mm)

  • 8.2MP (like the EOS 20D)

  • 2.5 inch, 230,000 pixel LCD

  • Choice of 3 or 5 frames per second

  • Buffer of 30 JPEG or 11 RAW images

  • 1/250s Sync

  • 65ms shutter lag

  • Camera "wake up" time 0.15s

  • 3.5% spot metering

  • Luminance and RGB histograms

  • ISO settings on the third stop from 100 to 1600 and visible in the viewfinder when switching

  • FC selectable ISO 3200

  • Picture Style modes, the EOS 5D as

  • Option to turn off sharpness in JPEG mode

  • Adjusted AF algorithms, but lacks the extra 6 "invisible" zones of the EOS 5D AF

  • WiFi connectivity in combination with the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1

  • Direct Print button

  • 9999 images per folder (against 100 in the 20D)

  • Compatible with the vertical grip BG-E2 (also used in the EOS 20D)



The LCD screen has been increased to 2.5, which is the same size as the LCD on the EOS 5D. Canon has a start time of 50 ms reduced to 0.2 seconds on the EOS 20D 0, 15 seconds on the EOS 30D. It is very difficult to say whether the difference. Physically, the EOS 30D is esentially a twin of the EOS 20D, the only evident difference is a larger screen display, and a dedicated button.


  • EOS 30D Body

  • Eb Eyecup

  • Neck Strap EW-100 DGR

  • Video Cable VC-100

  • IFC-400PCU USB Interface

  • BP-511A Battery

  • Battery Charger CG-580

  • EOS Digital Solution Disk

  • Printed manual

  • EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

The EOS 30D is a solid size, standard D-SLR well built. The camera has a magnesium frame in plastic and rubber, and it feels good. The handshake of substantive law, it is easy to hold and large jobs are easy to reach. Canon has not gone overboard with keys like some other manufacturers, and four-way control and playback zoom buttons are very helpful.


Canon EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement

Canon EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement

  • EOS 30D Grip replacement specifications

  • Voltage : 7.4V

  • Capacity :

  • Battery Type :

  • Dimensions : 143.0×76.0×110.5mm

Canon eos 30d battery grip Replacement - Product information

  • The Canon EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement inbox: DSLR Battery Grip, AA battery box!

  • EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement charger: Input- 100V~240V AC 50/60HZ 0.5A, Output - 12.5V DC 750mA .

  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 40D/EOS 30D/EOS 30D DSLR cameras.

  • The most attractive point is that the EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement can use with high capacity Lithium Ion battery, which makes more shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.

  • The Canon EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.

  • Order Canon EOS 30D Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30days money back.


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China's hydrogen fuel cell cars onto the U.S. Highway

China's hydrogen fuel cell cars onto the U.S. Highway

China has independently developed 16 Passat Passat hydrogen fuel cell car recently set off the United States, to carry out a six-month road test and demonstration of running services. Held in California Passat fuel cell car theme at the event, Governor Arnold? Schwarzenegger come to the scene to personally test drive fuel cell cars, and delivered a speech on China, Shanghai, energy, environment, appreciated the efforts made .

The fuel cell car to Shanghai Volkswagen Passat Passat models, based on integration by the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd., Tongji University, Shanghai Automotive Group, developed a new generation of fuel cell power system prototype completed. Its top speed of 150 km, one-time continuous hydrogen charging mileage 300 km. They worked in the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games run nearly 70 days on the model, the total mileage of nearly 8 million kilometers.

The fuel cell in California demonstration projects operational by the "California Fuel Cell Partnership" (CaFCP) "held in the automotive companies, energy companies, fuel cell technology companies and government institutions to cooperate in the project, designed to actively respond to set the example of global climate change, Ford, Honda, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, are all members of the scheme. Schwarzenegger said in his speech, the fuel cell car with hydrogen as fuel, water discharge, zero pollution, on behalf of the future direction of the car.

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the 16 car with other car manufacturers to provide cars with a similar grouping, accepting conditions, practical skills, such as road test and running test. To ensure that the model test data obtained by running the comprehensiveness and reliability of the 16 cars divided into 4 groups, depending on the test routes to travel, respectively urban roads, rural roads, highways and road demonstration of integrated operation. In the past six months, the car outside in a variety of complex situations are performing well.

Automobile Engineering, Tongji University, Center for Energy said that this is the first time, made an international fuel cell car demonstration runs, and play together the world's major car brands, is a fuel cell vehicle research and development of a test situation.

Since 2001, the Ministry of Science and "fifth" major projects of electric vehicles 863, the "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicles to support major projects, the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd., Tongji University, SAIC Group, have successfully developed the fourth generation fuel cell power system technology platform, continued to improve its dynamic performance, reliability and stability has been upgraded, fuel cell vehicles continues to accelerate the pace of industrialization.

Fuel cell car demonstration in the domestic and international large-scale operation of fuel cell cars will be in operation during the World Expo Shanghai has accumulated valuable experience. According to reports, according to the Shanghai World Expo site traffic, "zero discharge" requirements, Tongji University, Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd. and SAIC will further Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Group and Changan Group to enhance cooperation for the development of the Shanghai World Expo Fuel 200 cell vehicles, both inside and outside the Expo site to provide VIP transport, public transport services and tourist personalized traffic services, including 90 for the fuel-cell cars, 10 vehicles for the fuel cell buses, 100 for the fuel cell tourist vehicles.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Laptop Review

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Laptop Review



Lenovo has not only made people his regime ThinkPad T400. The ThinkPad T400s £ 3.9 (from $ 1599, $ 2130, depending on configuration) provides the best combination of performance, mobility and style we’ve seen in a business notebook. The chassis components and superfine state of the art was at a premium and performance of the graphics are mediocre, but business users are willing to pay for quality will not be disappointed.

The T400s matte black frame, green and red TrackPoint are comparable to those found in all ThinkPad since 1992, but the fine lines and carbon fiber cover glass are reminiscent of the X300 series in style. On the surface it seems that Lenovo minor adjustments in the keyboard design industry does best, by reducing more than Escape and Delete keys, and the spaces between the keys, to prevent dust and crumbs fall. 14.1-inch LED backlit screen offers a native resolution of 1440 x 900 is the same as the 13.3-inch X300 series. When you hear the music that was the sound stereo speakers clearly and without distortion, but not very strong, even at maximum volume.


ThinkPad T400 Specifications:

  • Options processors - Intel ® Core (TM) 2 Duo SP9400 (2.4GHz, 6MB cache, 25W) or Intel ® Core (TM) 2 Duo SP9600 (2.53 GHz, 6 MB cache, 25 Watts)

  • The choice of operating system - XP Professional downgrade 32 - Windows Vista ® Home Basic - Windows Vista ® Home Premium - Windows Vista ® Business - Windows Vista ® Business 64

  • Weight - 14 "wide - 3.91 lbs/1.77kg with optical drive - 21.1mm x 241.0mm x 337mm (6-cell lenovo batteries),

  • Chipset / CPU - Intel ® FF 4500MHD/Core (TM) 2 VS small, 25W

  • Poster - 14.1 "WXGA + LED widescreen (1440 x 900) Graphics - Integrated Intel ® GMA 4500MHD

  • Memory - 1067 MHz DDR3 80 GB SSD Hard Drives 120 GB SSD with 250 GB SSD 1GB/2GB/4GB available at a later date - from 120 GB to 250 GB 5400 rpm SATA

  • WLAN Card - Intel ® WiFi Link 5300 Wireless (3 x 3) - Intel ® WiFi Link 5100 Wireless (1 x 2) - Intel ® WiFi Link 5150 WiMax (1 x 2) - Realtek Wireless B, G, N-Map

  • Integrated Communications - Mobile Broadband, WiMAX, WLAN, Bluetooth ®, UWB constant half Plug - 34mm Card (U.S. & Canada) - Ongoing support secure (U.S. & Canada)

  • Ports and slots - one USB 2.0, USB 2.0, 1 USB / eSATA - VGA, DisplayPort, Microphone / Headphone, RJ-45 - Optional 34mm Express Card, or 5 on a multimedia card reader - Combo mic / output Audio

  • Additional Features - Built-in 2 megapixel camera - Multi-Touch Touchpad options for optical drive - DVD-ROM drive - CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive - DVD or Blu-ray (TM) Multi DVD burner

  • Security - Integrated fingerprint sensor with LED display SMART - Trusted Platform Module - ConstantSecure (WWAN models)

  • Battery - Li-Ion 6-cell battery up a prism up to 5.5 hours or 3 cell Battery Ultra Bay: Up 8.5 hours with 6 cell battery




  • High quality construction

  • good keyboard changes

  • The Nice clean design

  • eSATA and Display Port … finally

  • Very fast, even with integrated graphics

  • Light

  • robust

  • great keyboard and touchpad


  • Battery limited options

  • 1.8 "disk

  • Several docking connector

  • Love

  • there is no separate video card

  • SD card slot does not come standard



lenovo thinkpad t400s battery

There was a time lenovo thinkpad t400s battery with good but not impressive as in the 10 hours of experience in the T400. At present, the size of the battery is only available for a reported six-cell battery with a size of 45Wh. Compare that with the 9-cells in the T400, with a capacity of 84Wh, nearly twice as large. Even with the smallest battery-powered T400s 5 hours and 48 minutes with the screen brightness is set at 70%, having the profile set to balanced, active W-LAN. While energy consumption test varies between 6.5W 8W, and depending on load. Compared to the T400, is to reduce energy consumption is likely that the 1.8 "SSD and integrated graphics chipset. Lenovo has major plans, a larger battery for extended batteries life, similar to the rank of 4 cell, 6-cell options 9-cell and the T400. What they propose is to extend a ultra-bay battery instead of the optical drive, the battery of up to three hours to run.


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Fuel cells in China, the core of public enterprises and their key technology patents C

Fuel cells in China, the core of public enterprises and their key technology patents C

System inventions, 200610103307.X number of documents involved in a micro fuel cell system. Document No. 200710097905.5 relates to an integrated fuel-cell powered battery charging system. Document No. 200610152499.3 involves a kind of assistive devices and methods of startup fuel cell system.

Product invention, the 200710000376.2 number relates to a fuel cell device literature. Document No. 200710007531.3 relates to a series-parallel circuit with a fuel cell device. Document No. 200620115337.8 relates to a fuel for fuel cells to detect devices.

Beijing speeding Green Power. The proton membrane in some areas of public key technology inventions. For example, document No. 01118343.8 relates to a proton exchange membrane fuel cell bipolar plate production method. Document No. 01118344.6 relates to a proton exchange membrane fuel cell humidification methods. Document No. 01118347.0 relates to a fuel cell electrode catalyst coating method. Document No. 01118345.4 relates to a fuel cell electrode - electrolyte membrane - electrode preparation methods. Document No. 01118346.2 relates to a fuel cell stack printing sealing methods.

BYD Company Limited. And similar to Foxconn, the company has a strong manufacturing capacity, while for customers to do a lot of industrial design, research and development are very strong. Companies involved in fuel cells, it is more the number of patents, and more widely distributed applications. For example, in the method, process innovation, No. 200610062624.1 literature relates to a fuel cell control systems and control methods. Document No. 200610127612.2 relates to a fuel cell membrane electrode activation method. Document No. 200610157250.1 relates to a fuel cell voltage monitoring system and its methods.

In addition, the invention in the system, the 200610127862.6 number relates to a fuel cell system literature. Document No. 200610140213.X relates to a hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen storage devices and hydrogen filling system.

In the products, equipment and devices design, 200610090755.0 literature involves a number of organic fuel cells. Document No. 200610137930.7 relates to a fuel cell humidification devices.

Hina Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing. The company's method of hydrogen fuel cell technology applications for a number of patents. For example, No. 200710119049.9 literature relates to a hydrogen storage material for fuel cells of the preparation method. Document No. 200710119051.6 relates to a hydrogen fuel cell for the preparation method. Document No. 200710119056.9 relates to a hydrogen storage material for fuel cells of the preparation method. Document No. 200710203502.4 relates to a proton exchange membrane fuel cell metallic bipolar plates approach.

System, equipment, the company also disclosed inventions. For example, 200720149696.X Document No. A portable fuel cell systems involved. No. 200710119055.4 for literature relates to a hydrogen fuel cell system and its applications. Document No. 200720201137.9 relates to a fuel cell membrane electrode leak.

Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai divine. As R & D, manufacturing enterprises, the company's large number of key components and details of the design of hundreds of patent documents made public. For example, No. 200620045160.9 literature relates to a package integrated fuel cell structure. Document No. 200620045543.6 relates to a new fuel cell engine air delivery device.

From the patent literature, the Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. implemented a divine holistic, systematic research and development projects in all major aspects have made a number of innovative design. For example, No. 200620049569.8 literature relates to a fuel cell vehicle's radiator. Document No. 200620046894.9 relates to a low-noise, fuel cell air delivery device.

Shenzhou New Materials, Shandong Dongyue. The company's membrane, the proton membrane preparation made significant technological breakthroughs, the deployment of some of the core technology patents. For example, No. 200710013128.1 with the literature relates to a terminal sulfonyl fluoride and ether side groups of the fluorine-based resins and synthetic methods and applications. Document No. 200710013623.2 relates to a polymer ion exchange membrane and its preparation method. Document No. 200710013624.7 involving a kind of cross-linked structure of perfluorinated proton exchange membrane and its preparation method and application.

In addition, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Nissan, Daewoo, Liaoning Co., Ltd. open a new source for larger number of relevant documents. However, some European car companies, such as Volkswagen in the patent application has been lagging behind. For example, the company only made public in China, No. 99806402.5, 99806403.3 number and other documents. Overall, the fuel cell, chip, software and other key technology areas, East Asia, North American companies lead the global deployment of the direction of the trend of the patent is expected to continue to strengthen.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Review



The Dell Inspiron 1545 (i1545-004ST) meets two of the most basic phones: the screen and hard drive big enough to handle the bandwidth of multimedia functions. No speed demon by any stretch, as the brand behind the Intel Pentium public Intel Core 2 Duo, but you do not hear a glance Frugal Shoppers. Available at your local Staples for $ 650, from falsehood to a pact with a widescreen 15.6 "Nice, storage of 320 GB and 4 GB of memory for all those that should be enough to offset the processor.

DELL Inspiron 1545 was one of the laptops in Internet searches. It is easy to see why it is so popular. It has a huge 15.4 "16:9 and a DVD burner and a Celeron processor. To say nothing of several million pounds advertising campaign on television. And yet, can model the most elementary Now for less than 350 pounds. It’s the same price as the average netbook. enter the market at a price so low is an exciting step for Dell, which makes them in the same group as the computer manufacturer Emachines budget and Medion. but he has lost in recent years, manufacturers like Dell place the world’s largest PC (HP, no less), retrenched workers, and announced a huge drop of 48% of turnover .

Design is minimalist and sleek. Besides the keyboard and touchpad are the only things that break the clean lines and spokesman for the chrome grille Inspiron little square power button on the keyboard. In 1545, the first signs of the economy of nature, not even a webcam in booty flat screen bezel. To be honest, it’s a bit hard to a fault on a laptop about 400 pounds, that even the cheapest netbooks come with a. And although Dell offers a 1.3 megapixel model to update, if the purchase in 1545 of direct taxes is 30 pounds heavy for the privilege.


Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Featured:


  • Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

  • LCD Panel: Glossy, widescreen 15.6 inch display (1366×768)

  • Combo or DVD+RW Drive: 8X CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)

  • Memory: 4GB3 Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz

  • Hard Drive : 500GB4 SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)

  • Video Card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD

  • Software - Antivirus: McAfee SecurityCenter, 30-Day Trial

  • Wireless Networking Cards: Dell 1397 Wireless-G

  • Battery: 6-cell dell laptop batteries

  • System Color: Jet Black

  • Hardware Support Services: 1 Year Basic Service Plan

  • Integrated Web Cam: Integrated 1.3 MP Webcam


Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Replacement

Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Replacement

  • Brand: dell (Not OEM)

  • Category: laptop batteries

  • Chemistry: Li-ion

  • Volt: 11.1V

  • Capacity: 4400/6600/7200mAh

[4400/6600/7200mAh,11.1V] Brand new dell inspiron 1545 battery rechargeable

Dell inspiron 1545 laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM inspiron 1545 battery which can works with a lot of dell notebook laptop computer. dell inspiron 1545 laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Low Prices, Guarantee :

LaptopsBattery.us works hard to bring you low prices. If you have found a better price for this dell inspiron 1545 battery at another authorized dealer, we will do everything possible to meet or beat that price. Please email us to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

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The Secure Shopping Guarantee protects you while you shop at LaptopsBattery.us, so that you never have to worry about Paypal account safety. When shopping at LaptopsBattery.us online, you can shop with confidence.

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US-developed thin-film solar cell tape

US-developed thin-film solar cell tape

A U.S. company created the first "fast power light," developed a large-scale manufacturing technology of solar panels can be curled. The tape-style stainless steel sheet manufacturing technology can be formed in the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells. Each solar module is about 1 meter wide, 5.5 meters long.

Compared with traditional silicon solar panels the image of heavy and hard, these lightweight panels can be curled easily integrated into roofs and facades of buildings can also be used outside the vehicle body. The solar panels more attractive than the traditional place that can more easily be embedded irregular design of the roof.

The company's founder and president of Deng Ming Xun (phonetic) said: "They can even be rolled up with a backpack, so you can use it to recharge your laptop."

Amorphous silicon thin film solar cell battery than the more expensive traditional crystal, because it just part of the materials used, compared to crystalline solar cells 150-200 mm thick layer of silicon, its thickness of only 1 mm. However, its drawback is that efficiency is very low. In order to improve its efficiency, fast force energy companies created a tripartite structure of the battery, which consists of 3 different materials - amorphous silicon, amorphous silicon germanium and nanocrystalline silicon - is made of each material to be tuned to capture the energy of the different solar spectrum.

Although some of the market efficiency of crystalline silicon modules up to 20% or more, while the fast forces can be coiled energy efficiency of photovoltaic modules is only about 8%, but its advantage is that the volume of high-capacity tape technology. Tape and Reel technology allows it to reduce costs, expand the scope of application.

So far, fast force energy has been invested 4,000 million, December 2008, Ohio has given the company $ 7,000,000 in loans to accelerate the construction of a 25 megawatt solar module production line curl. The company is expected to be formally introduced to the market in 2010 and its products.

Mouser distribution Cymbet film solid-state rechargeable battery Series

Mouser Electronics has announced that, Mouser and Cymbet Corporation signed a global distribution agreement, Cymbet Corporation is a thin film solid-state storage devices and energy harvesting technology enterprises. Cymbet the concept of solid-state thin film battery technology and materials, developed a series of commercial products, for the purpose of reliable, long life, non-volatile semiconductor there is a demand of ordinary electronic design engineers for the new economy of alternative solutions. Cymbet EnerChip solid-state production of thin film rechargeable battery series, provides innovative energy management and storage solutions for many applications, including bridge, permanent power and wireless sensors.

Mouser stocks a complete Cymbet EnerChip EHCBC530024 pin configuration energy harvesting module. The product is designed for rapid development of solar energy harvesting applications, send and receive with a wide range of energy input, storage of energy collected and transmitted to the target system can control the energy. Mouser also equipped with CBC-EVAL-08EnerChip EH solar collectors evaluation kit for creating a "zero-power" design, used for sensors, controllers, embedded systems, medical applications, environmental control system and any wireless system for Cymbet energy collection of modules to provide energy reserves and start the energy. In addition, Mouser on EnerChip CCEVAL-05 development kits are also available spot, the kit also shows EnerChip solid-state rechargeable batteries and battery management with integrated EnerChip CC ability.

Cymbet Corporation recent Embedded Systems Conference in 2009 have gained awards in EETimes'ACE "Best Green Project Award", award-winning products are EnerChip EH solar collectors EVAL-08 evaluation kit, the kit and Enerchip EH CBC5300 with energy harvesting module use, which is the world's first solar energy collection package developed evaluation kit. Electronics engineers can quickly develop "green" energy solutions, applications such as handheld electronic devices, medical equipment, data recorders and independent wireless sensors and so on.

Mouser vice president of product MikeScott active component, said: "We are very pleased to Cymbet Corporation included in the list of our suppliers. As a leading green technology company, their thin film solid-state storage devices and energy harvesting technology leader. Now, designers can be found in the Mouser Cymbet stock assessment tools. We soon will have thin-film battery products supply. "

"Our customers can now purchase from Mosuer Cymbet EnerChip products, and we feel very excited," Cymbet Blair Wilson, vice president of sales, said, "Mouser focus on the rapid import of new products and technologies, our customers will derive great good service. "

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Canon EOS 20D Camera Review

Canon EOS 20D Camera Review



Designed for advanced amateurs, photojournalists, wedding photographers and professionals, combines the EOS 20D digital SLR-speed, image quality and robustness of the compact and light to provide the best performance in its class. The EOS 20D has developed a new APS-C size (15.0 x 22.5 mm) 8.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor and manufactured by Canon. It is the first mid-range digital SLR camera offers a high speed burst mode of five frames per second with a burst of 23 JPEG images at higher resolution. Very sturdy - the camera starts in 0.2 seconds and shutter lag of only 65 milliseconds.

The Canon EOS-20D is the updated version of the popular EOS-10D, which was introduced in 2003. The 20D is very similar to its predecessor, with larger changes in the device itself. The main new features of the 20D include:

  • 8.2 Megapixel CMOS

  • Support EF-S

  • Much faster burst

  • 9 selectable AF points

  • E-TTL II metering system

  • New White Balance

  • Nuevo "joystick" on the back of the camera

  • Longer battery

  • DIGIC2 chip (for the first time in the EOS-1D Mk2) for performance and photo quality

  • Filter Effects ton


There are two "kits" available for the EOS 20D. The first is the body kit only, while the other is the kit lens (18-55 or 17-85 of the). Here you can find in the box at the two kits:

  • 8.2 effective Megapixel Canon EOS 20D

  • 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6 EF-S [] 18-55 kit lens only

  • 17-85 mm F4-5.6 IS EF-S lens [lens kit 17-85] only

  • BP-511A Li-ion battery

  • Battery Charger

  • Neck strap

  • USB

  • Video cable

  • CD-ROM with the EOS Digital Solution Disk, Digital Photo Professional, and Adobe Photoshop Elements

  • Page 167 camera manual + software manual (printed version)


Features EOS 20D

  1. Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy

  2. Canon EOS (EF / EF-S) lens mount, lens, 1.6x Zoom

  3. New image sensor with a eight megapixel CMOS low noise / wide dynamic range

  4. Choice of six levels of recording of JPEG, CR2 RAW, JPEG or RAW plus (choice of six different levels of JPEG)

  5. All new units 9-point AF sensor with high precision cross-type sensors Performance Center has a point better low light EOS 10D

  6. ultra fast boot of 0.2 seconds, how long it takes 65ms shutter

  7. Adobe RGB and sRGB color space selection

  8. New Unit of the mirrors at high speed usually only in professional-level models allow a significant reduction in the viewfinder downtime

  9. Processing parameters include two presets, 3 custom games, contrast, sharpness, saturation and color tone, monochrome and news, which is incorporated into the digital filtering for yellow, orange, red and green and printed on sepia, blue, purple and green.

  10. 12 shooting modes, seven basic zone modes (Full Auto, Portrait, landscape, plane, Sports, Night Portrait and Flash Off) mode and five Creative Zone (Standard Program AE, Shutter-priority AE, aperture priority, manual and AE depth of field)

  11. 35-zone TTL metering, Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points), center weighted, 9.5% spot metering central

  12. Balance: Auto, Manual, and six preset color temperature (from 2.800 to 10.000 ° K, and 100 ° steps) and can be corrected blue, yellow, magenta or green.

  13. Continuous-capture mode: up to 5 frames per second, 23 images (6 frames in RAW mode)

  14. Shutter speeds of 30 to 08:01, 000 seconds, 1 / 250 sec. Flash sync

  15. Eye-level TTL viewfinder with diopter adjustment, illuminated AF points, depth of field preview, and details.

  16. Brackets and white balance

  17. 1.8-inch TFT color LCD, 118,000 pixel brightness in 5 steps

  18. Histogram display and up to 10x zoom image

  19. Distance ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600 (extension 3200 ISO)

  20. 18 Custom Functions with 50 settings available

  21. Built in the E-TTL II popup with red-eye reduction.

  22. Shoes and Canon EX Speedlite flash standard PC sync connector

  23. Compact Flash Card Type II slot, Microdrive and FAT32 compatible

  24. High Speed USB 2.0 for fast image downloads

  25. Video output NTSC or PAL selectable calendar

  26. Powered by a lithium-ion battery BP-511A new capacity by 25%. CG-580 rapid charger included

  27. PictBridge, PC Direct and Bubblejet Direct

  28. Optional BG-E2 battery grip adds double vertical grip, actuators and controllers


Canon EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement

Canon EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement

Voltage : 7.4V

Dimensions : 143.0×76.0×110.5mm

  • The canon eos 20d battery grip Replacement inbox: battery grip, AA battery box!

  • EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement charger: Input- 100V~240V AC, 50/60HZ, 0.5A, Output - 12.5V DC, 750mA .

  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 40D/EOS 30D/EOS 20D DSLR cameras.

  • The most attractive point is that the EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement can use high capacity Lithium Ion battery, which makes more shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.

  • The Canon EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.

  • Order Canon EOS 20D Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30 days money back.


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Study - 74 percent would buy an electric car

Study - 74 percent would buy an electric car

According to a recent study by the Automobile Club ADAC could be 74 percent of respondents think an electric car to buy and about 90 percent are electric vehicles a positive attitude. As a prerequisite, however, should not, however, more expensive mobility compared to normal drives significantly. In the space, the reach and power, it should not come, however, were noted to reverse progress.

According to estimates by experts, will be made for the global new car share in terms of electric and hybrid vehicles in 2020 to five to ten percent. The automakers are developing electric cars and will get some already this year on the market. The ADAC urges automakers to adjust to not rely solely on electric motors, because the fuel consumption in internal combustion engines can be reduced even further. The electric cars will be established only on the car market when the range increases, prices will be lowered and a power station network is being established.

TUV Rheinland electric car endurance test

The testing service provider TUV Rheinland has now begun a long-term test with the micro-electric car Vett Fiorino E and the energy group RWE AG leased. On the site of the Cologne headquarters, a quick charger with 400 volt power was established. The electric car is based on the Fiat Fiorino. "This is a roughly three-year trial begins in practical operation. The car has to make its practicality and reliability of evidence, potential weaknesses and problems, we are clearly documented in this time, "said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Brauckmann responsible for TUV Rheinland for the mobility.

Going to recent studies more than 80 percent of car owners a day less than 100 kilometers and thus would be the performance of today's lithium-ion batteries sufficiently. The vehicle Micro-Vett Fiorino E runs environmentally friendly because the charging station gets its electricity from renewable energy sources. The test will last for three years in the framework of the electric car is widely tested in everyday use. After the objective of the testing service, electric cars are as safe as regular cars.

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