Partriot extended SSD series Inferno by 240-gigabyte model

Partriot extended SSD series Inferno by 240-gigabyte model

It costs 589 €. Even versions with 60 and 120 GB for 165 or 289 were introduced. The drives achieve read speeds of up to 285 MByte / s and write rates of up to 275 MByte / s.

Patriot Memory is expanding its late June introduced Solid-State Drive Series (SSD) Inferno by models with 60, 120 and 240 GByte. They are now available for 165, 289 and 589 Euro.

The Inferno SSDs come in 2.5-inch casing. Supplied with a 3.5-inch adapter for installation in a desktop PC is included. The technical base is multi-level cell NAND flash and the sand-Force Controller SF-1222nd For the connection to the computer provides a 3-GBit/s-SATA-Schnittstelle with Native Command Queuing (NCQ).

Patriot is a sequential read speeds of up to 285 MByte / s and write rates of up to 275 MByte / sec. The wear-leveling technology used to provide in combination with an ECC error correction and the sand DuraWrite Force technology for secure data transfer and long life. The mean time between failures (Mean Time Between Failures, MTBF) should be 1.5 million hours.

The Newcomers dominate the Windows 7 supported TRIM command. This remains constant at increasing the performance level of the SSD.

The Patriot Inferno with 240 GB of memory costs 589 (picture: Patriot).

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按太阳穴、轮刮眼眶:用拇指按压太阳穴(眉梢和外眼角的中间向后一横指处),然后用弯屈的食指第二节内侧面轻刮眼眶一圈,由内上->外上-> 外下->内下,使眼眶周围的攒竹鱼腰、丝竹空、瞳子寥、球后、承泣等穴位受到按摩。对于假性近视、或预防近视眼度数的加深有好处。










A sight for the gods

A sight for the gods

The mess is over - also you are presented with a new flat-screen TVs? Then this is the only professional fine-tuning necessary. For the factory, the units are less than optimal set. hp pavilion dv7 battery

Wrong colors, poor contrast - the manufacturers usually never get the most out of their devices. Why is the technology companies treat their flat-screen TVs neglected knows no one really actually. Some experts suspected intention behind it - cold colors would appear at first glance crisp, so they stand out from the unwieldy supply in the electronics markets.

Whatever the case: There is a simple and free way to your TV like a professional set up. For this you need a DVD player, some time and the appropriate test images. Which there is free on the Internet at Burosch audio-video technology. Simply download the software on the manufacturing side display Basic Test DVD. Then burn the file to a DVD. Put it in the DVD player - and you can start fine tuning.

Take the remote control of the TV, turn color and contrast controls in a neutral position and the brightness down completely. hp pavilion dv6 battery

Concentrate on the lower test beam with the fields from black to gray. Turn down the brightness step by step, back up, aim is to see a difference between all fields. Follow the wiring should be on the field with the 16, the right of it to be visible in any case a difference between a good unit that is also for the two darkest areas left of the case. Also, keep the dark hair of the woman in the picture in the right eye. If the hair can no longer distinguish good, just something out brightness.

Optimal point found? Then you go to adjust the contrast in second test image

The principle remains the same: first, the contrast of the TV turn down completely and then gradually increase again. Interesting again is the lower row of bars. The goal is to make each box clearly again. Orientation should be this time on the field with the 235, to the left should be distinguishable in any event all the fields. To the right of it is again difficult, with a good unit, however, are also gradations ausmachbar. In the end, take another look at the face of the woman left thrown, not their skin should shine unnatural. Otherwise, back light again.

Everything set up correctly? Then comes the color setting in third test image lenovo 3000 c200 battery

ow the colors turn. The necessary control with the TV remote control in the middle position. Now consider the bottom three streaks of red, green and blue, and the mean fields. The truth set her TV when you can exercise every single box. It takes a little practice, but is doable. Then again, the skin type of women be checked - it's best to hold her hand next to the picture. If the complexion looks natural, then it goes to the final step, the focus setting.

Now it goes to the edge: You need to turn the sharpness control with the remote control completely down. Now pay attention to the two strips at the bottom and right edge, reminiscent of bar code labels. The lines of the two coarser lines should be clearly visible without any ghosting or smearing. This is usually a sign of clipping. Please do not be surprised: It may be that the optimum setting very much at the lower end of the scale is - here the producers go with a particularly sharp images in the store on Käuferfang. Last check again the hair of women, if everything looks natural. Then they are ready and can check all the settings again in the last test pattern. lenovo 3000 v100 battery

Here you have everything at once: sharpness, color, brightness and contrast. You hear an annoying noise? This is of particular interest to owners of a home theater system. The speaker icon on the television shows ever, would have to come from which direction the sound straight. And now have fun with the Christmas movies!

Japan's industrial production is shrinking as never

Japan's industrial production is shrinking as never

Even Toyota, Sony & Co. are suffering under the global economic crisis. Japan gets to feel the effects more intense. Industrial production fell in November as strong as ever. Tens of thousands of Japanese to lose their jobs and their abode. hp pavilion dv8000 battery

Production declined in view of the run-down of foreign demand for Japanese cars and electronics products rose 8.1 percent compared to the previous month, as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said today. This is the heaviest fall since the start of data collection in 1953. As a result, tens of thousands of workers losing time in the middle of the winter months, their jobs and many also have their accommodation which was provided by the companies. hp pavilion dv4 battery

To the motor dependent on exports of the world's second largest economy to flourish on its feet, the government decided to record a budget of 88.5 trillion yen (700 billion euros) for the 1 April 2009 commencing new financial year. In addition, the government in Tokyo is prepared to continue its efforts to budget consolidation temporarily hire back.

For victims of mass layoffs that have lost their shelter, the government plans to provide more public housing. Some municipalities also have agreed to hire some of the people affected temporarily.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Labour will have in Japan between October and the end of this financial year 85 000 temporary workers lost their jobs. One in three jobs in Japan is now only a limited period of time. The job security is currently the central topic. The unemployment rate rose in November from the previous month by 0.2 percentage points to 3.9 percent. Would the existing standards in Europe in the calculation of rate based, would see the unemployment statistics from considerably worse. lenovo 3000 c100 battery

As the government continues today announced that reduces the output of industry "rapidly". It is predicted for December, a further decline by 8.0 percent. This is the gloomiest forecast, which has offered the Ministry of Industry ever. In January, the expected production decline rate was 2.1 percent.