In the heart of the beats rumble

In the heart of the beats rumble

City, sun, sea and festival. Gibts not? Gibts yet. And at the Sonar in Barcelona pa3399u-1brs battery, a multimedia electronic festival ever in the middle of one of the most exciting Mediterranean cities.

Granted, the music is limited to electronics, but it's like a lot of the Sonar game species. At night, the thundering bass in huge exhibition halls at the edge of the center. The Sonar by Night, as this part of the festival is called, can be thought of as the best quality techno party.

In particular, mass-inspired DJs like Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, up to 40,000 people simultaneously. Between surprise new Live Projects like this year from Germany and Moderate Fever Ray from Sweden. Moreover, the festival management always manages to bring believed dead artists like Grace Jones and Orbital back to the stage.

The sound of music systems is enormous. Near the box towers vibrates the whole body, and a stiff breeze blowing one to the ears. While the musicians play, running on giant video screens, computer animation, or they show for the last rows, as the DJ mixes forward pa3399u-2brs battery just one plate to another.

In recent years, the Sonar by Night festival got a little character. Vodafone has built up a bumper car, Creperias and fruit stands offer their products and vodka producers take their stand on their own DJs. The audience found her in the halls all, from the interested music fan up to the pumped full of alcohol escapists, which is only to dance to, or better said to Abraven come to Barcelona.

But the sonar is more than a giant ball. Who not only at night a huge techno party will, but want to get into the intense world of electronic art should also visit the sonar at Day. From noon until late evening, the bass creak in the center of Barcelona, next to the University and the Museum of Modern Art (CCCP), the exhibition rooms in the festival are included.

Of course, here also danced in the four-four, but the music is far more experimental and versatile pa3383u-1brs battery. The artists come from all over the world, even from regions of Africa or Asia, from which one would not expect any electronic music. There is also in the exhibition rooms of CCCP technical phenomena such as playing music or five-arm robot turntables on display.

In addition to the festival on the penultimate weekend of June Barcelona offers a number of good parties. For the club owners of the city rely on the thousands of tourists flock to because of the sonar in the Mediterranean metropolis, and they want to recruit a Line-Up Deluxe.

Those for which is 48 € for a Sonar by Night too much or do not pay the 140 € for the entire three days want to be able to their favorites such as Sven Vath or Trentemoeller much cheaper in other clubs at the beach or completely unfamiliar places See how old factory buildings lenovo t60 battery. And like the city has a lot to offer.





  年青时听人 说:「真正的智慧,可以超越时空,历久常新。」初时不知所以,现在觉得所言甚是。



  年与时驰,意与日去, 遂成枯落,多不接世。



  「非澹泊无以明志」、「非宁静无以致远」。诸葛亮忠告孩子要计划人生,不要事事 讲求名利,才能够了解自己的  志向,要静下来,才能够细心计划将来。




  心理学家说: 「思想影响行为,行为影响习惯,习惯影响性格,性格影响命运。」
  诸葛亮明白生命 中要作出种种平衡,要「励精」,也要「冶性」。你要提升自己性格的品质吗?

  诸葛亮忠告孩子时光飞逝,意志力又会随着时间消磨,「少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲」,「时间管理」是个现代人的观念,细心想一想, 时间不可以被管理,每天二十四小时,不多也不少,惟有管理自己,善用每分每秒。 请你想一想,你有蹉跎岁月吗?

  诸葛亮忠告孩子时光 飞逝,当自己变得和世界脱节,才悲叹蹉跎岁月,也于事无补。
  要懂得居安思危,才 能够临危不乱。想像力比知识更有力量。

  我 相信精简的表达源于清晰的思想,长篇大论的内容,容易令人生厌,精简沟通更有效果。你懂得言之有物地精简沟通吗?











捱不明的更漏 呀


Aldi Offer: Playstation 3 package at discount

Aldi Offer: Playstation 3 package at discount

In the best package price offers from discounters Aldi today nationwide, the Playstation 3 Slim for sale macbook pro power adapter. The large electric markets have reacted promptly and also lowered their prices for the games console.

Who is planning the new Playstation 3 Slim site address, which can now go to the grocery discounter around the corner. Aldi today launched nationwide sales of the games console from Sony. For € 299 buyers get the standard package plus accessories. Thus, in the price included a second Dual Shock controllers thinkpad r50 battery and the game Wipeout plus its extension. Individually, the controller costs about 45 €, both games will be offered together for about 25 €.

The electronics markets Media Markt and Saturn have responded to the Aldi offer already. They offer the Playstation 3 Slim for 239 €. But you get the standard package consisting of the console with 120 gigabyte hard drive and a controller. Also, the online retailer Amazon has adjusted its prices and now sells the slim version with 120 gigabyte hard drive for € 238.99.

With the current offer is the PlayStation 3 has now reached the price of the Xbox Elite. Amazon offers the Microsoft console, with 120 gigabyte hard drive for about 248 €. The best of the current game remains Nintendo's Wii. It is available already below 200 Euro.




German Railway: ICE-T restricted to spring

German Railway: ICE-T restricted to spring

Snow and ice make the intercity trains on the railway is currently difficult to establish. But the train is waiting for a new bad news: Up until the spring of ICE remains limited because of a traffic jam maintenance.

A railway spokesman confirmed a report of the news magazine Der Spiegel. In the workshops there was a backlog that needed to be processed hp compaq 6730b battery. This is likely to drag on for several weeks beyond the current cold spell out.

Example, reported the spokesman of the group of problems with the so-called gravel flying. The vehicles were damaged, because chunks of ice fall off during the ride from the train and throw the dirt in the track bed against the subfloor. The result are often longer-term repairs. Even before it had shortages in the ICE fleet given because the trains must be examined more frequently on the axles than originally planned.

The announcer assured, however, that the situation "for the passengers after the frost very quickly become noticeable again" would be better. Thus, in warmer weather, the fall off in several hours of defrost time axis studies. In addition, the train additional staff have already been sent to the workshops. He conceded, however, that would also drive in thaw on some lines further shortened only features.

To alleviate the shortage, the train had already withdrawn two weeks ago thinkpad sl400 battery, ICE trains from the road to Paris. Instead, there go two additional features of the French TGV train. After six mirrors information also already mothballed diesel-ICE are again prepared for operation.

Ramsauer industry will be held liable

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) wants to make industry responsible for any winter damage to the ICE trains, which have led to numerous delays and failures. The Bild am Sonntag, he said, "I expect the train, that it requires the manufacturer of the ICE-trains to eliminate the weaknesses that occurred this winter. It may not be that powder enters through ventilation openings and the electronics lame sets. "

The minister argued against excessive retrenchment in the train: "A company like the web can be guided not only by tough economic principles. The railway also has a contract for the common good, for example, the supply in the area. "

Moreover, can the minister ensure that the signage be provided at stations with German terms. "We start this year so hp compaq nc6400 battery, 1100 stations in Germany, so prepare that they are back to a positive business card for the web and the respective place." In future, the guests feel safe and secure and the elderly and disabled people will no problems for their train coming. Ramsauer added: "It may be out of the meeting-point again a meeting place and a service point from the information desk."


Solar Greenhouse to Produce Food and Electricity

Solar Greenhouse to Produce Food and Electricity

Imagine a greenhouse that is producing solar power and food too. This excellent experiment is being done in Italy. The companies responsible for this project are Renewable energy company Solar ReFeel compaq presario v2000 battery, CeRSAA and solar panel manufacturer Solyndra. The test site has been constructed at CeRSAA's Albenga, Italy. The project intends to attain the production of both food and electricity. The research team also wants to validate the crop growth benefits of Solyndra's technology by taking help of independent testing by a leading agricultural research institution.

YouTube: Solyndra Reshapes Solar Panels | More Videos

The project region is spread over an area of 400 square meters at the CeRSAA research center. At this unique building, Solyndra's photovoltaic systems have been incorporated into the greenhouse structures. Solyndra is going for an exclusive cylindrical technology (see video above lenovo 3000 v200 battery). This technology helps in capturing direct, diffused, and reflected sunlight across a 360 degree surface and at the same time permitting a uniform transmission of light for the plants underneath.

The study will focus on the production of numerous crops common in the Mediterranean region. They will observe, measure and evaluate these crops which are grown under the greenhouse structures with the integrated solar system. This project will quantify and compare the yield and the expected benefit for crops grown under Solyndra's new, integrated greenhouse structures with same crops grown in usual greenhouses.

The time span of this project will be 24 months. During this period all the partners will provide their expertise to this project. CeRSAA, special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Savona, will take care of the design and implementation of agricultural studies as per its specialization. CeRSAA will also be responsible for technical and human resources. Solyndra is the United States based producer of solar systems. It had supplied the greenhouse framework and photovoltaic components. Solyndra has also supervised the construction of the test site. Enerqos Group is a leader in the design and implementation of PV systems in Italy. They are providing installation support and electrical contracting.

Solar ReFeel has specialization in both the ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic plants. Solar ReFeel is coordinating the research amongst the involved parties. Solar ReFeel will share the research findings. They also intend to cash in on the successful products.

The goal of the study is to fully understand and take advantage of the extraordinary canon lp-e5 battery potential of greenhouse integrated solar power development as a long-term, substantial business model.


Solar-Powered UAV Under Development

Solar-Powered UAV Under Development

If UAVs starts running on the solar system, then it will save lots of expensive fossil fuel and the add-ons in the form of greenhouse effects. Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology are working on a model of a solar-powered unmanned flight system for round-the-clock surveillance hp pavilion ze4400 battery. They have christened their baby as the Green Falcon. This solar UAV aspires not only to save lives but millions of dollars too by using the most up-to-date green technology. Queensland University of Technology is aiming to make the services of this unmanned air vehicle commercially available within 24 months following successful flight tests.

The Green Falcon is outfitted with a next generation warning system complete with remote sensing and visual data capabilities. Both of these facilities enable this UAV to detect bush fires in Australia that have caused huge damage in terms of lives, money and property. Another possibility is monitoring fires. The university’s aerospace avionics engineer Dr Felipe Gonzalez states, “Bush fires in Australia have killed many people and caused millions of dollars in damage. The Green Falcon is a next-generation warning system with remote sensing and visual data capability.”

The best thing about this UAV is it consumes solar energy during the day and stores it in an onboard lenovo thinkpad x60s battery pack. This battery powers the aircraft after dark. It is also fitted with infrared cameras. These cameras will be handy during search operations in locating distressed people and relay the information to emergency services on the ground. Another advantage of this UAV according to Dr. Gonzalez is “Unlike manned aircraft, which have restricted air time, unmanned aerial vehicles could provide 24 hours surveillance and coverage of disaster areas.”

Green Falcon has a wingspan of 2.5m and weighs 4kg (8.8lb) without a payload. This UAV contains 28 advanced highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells. Green Falcon also boasts of a maximum power point tracker, a purpose-built energy management system and a proficient lithium-ion battery. This UAV also requires minimum maintenance cost. It can be hand-launched for easy operation. Operator on the ground can obtain and react to images and videos sent by the plane.

This UAV can also be utilized for coastal scrutiny, atmospheric and weather research and prediction, environmental, forestry, agricultural, and oceanic monitoring and imaging for the media and real-estate industries. Gonzalez shares his opinion, “The Green Falcon is lightweight, it can be hand-launched and costs are low compared with other UAVs available today.”

The design supports improved swarming capabilities compared with other UAVs, says Gonzalez, which will allow the Green Falcon to provide coverage over large areas in as short a time possible, particularly useful in rescue or fire monitoring missions Dell XPS M1330 battery.

The first test flight of the Green Falcon was performed in June. To perform further experiments fund of A $50,000-80,000 ($45,000-75,000) is needed.





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