Fujitsu Lifebook S760 (S7600MF031DE) in the test

Fujitsu Lifebook S760 (S7600MF031DE) in the test

Intel's fastest Core i7 Dual Core, 3G, TPM, drive shaft, matte 13-inch screen and low weight - the Fujitsu LifeBook S760 has seemingly done everything right. The test revealed, however, a significant weakness.

Business Laptops must meet at the points stability, modularity, hp pavilion dv9000 battery life and very high security requirements. Therefore, manufacturers have their own target audience for this series in the offer, which differed from the price-sensitive consumer offer. With the S760, Fujitsu Lifebook an easy 13-inch model, which provides tidy with Intel's fastest mobile dual-core performance.

The anthracite colored casing of the Fujitsu makes a solid impression: The cover is made of lightweight and sturdy magnesium. If you fold the device, says the silver-gray, ribbed palm rest. Everything has a pleasant feel. When processing affords the machine is not weakness.

The keyboard has a well defined pressure point and allows comfortable typing. No question: The S760 is suitable for prolific writers. Unfortunately, the touchpad is a little small. Fujitsu has integrated a second, circular touchpad, whose sole function is scrolling with circular movements. This works quite well, but offers no decisive value. Between them placed mouse buttons sits a fingerprint scanner.

The 13.3-inch screen dissolves the usual 1366 x 768 pixels. As befits a business notebook, Fujitsu has built a matte display. Reflections are not noticeable. The integrated webcam in the frame has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels.

For expansion of three USB ports and an Express Card-34 slot available. External displays can be digitally connect via HDMI. The S760 can be operated thanks to the interface on the underside of a docking station too.

Performance and equipment

The device is powered by a Intel Core i7-620M driven by a basic clock speed of 2.66 GHz. It is the fastest mobile dual-core, Intel is currently offering. It supports hyperthreading and can understand the expense of other cores up to 3.33 GHz overclock. This works the S760 because of the apparently very leistungfähigen cooling very well: If four threads running, the clock is at least 2.92 to 3.06. A thread drives the chip actually for a long time to 3.33 GHz. Only briefly switches the CPU back to 3.18 GHz.

The Core i7-620M offers a hardware-accelerated AES encryption, which speeds up these operations by 15 times (Everest 5.3: 172 555 points to around 10,000 points for the i5 430M). In practice, for example, can pack faster with WinZip version 14 encrypted archives. Who the device is updated later on Windows 7 Enterprise and activates the Bitlocker hard drive encryption, benefits in the form of a lower CPU usage when reading and writing data. The S760 has an integrated TPM 1.2 module, which securely stores the key. The vPro functionality facilitates administration.

As the graphics solution, housed on the processor Intel HD Graphics is used lenovo ideapad y430 battery. The team brings it in 3D Mark 2006 on View 1916 points - almost twice as much as the previous platform (Core 2 Duo and GMA X4500MHD).

The 320 GB of hard drive is Fujitsu with 5400 revolutions per minute. The memory is 4 GB (DDR3, 1066 MHz) dimensioned for the business environment sufficiently. Because Windows 7 Professional 64-bit version is installed, it will be fully utilized.

In addition to Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11b/g/n have a 3G module from Sierra Wireless integrated. It reaches downstream 7.2 Mbps, upstream 5.76 Mbit / s. The slot for the SIM card is accessible only after removing the main battery. In addition, the latch is very stiff.

The DVD burner is housed in a removable tray and can be replaced with a second battery. It has a capacity of 2500 mAh and costs about 100 €.

Despite built-in optical drive, the S760 weighs just 1.7 pounds - not as many devices without burner. With 3.05 inches, it is about 5 millimeters thick - which is a practical use but also very little weight.

Software and battery life

Surprisingly, the software equipment of the S710: Icons of Ebay, the Google Pack software and Cyberlink YouCam (webcam image adds to the "add fun effects") have on a business notebook actually lost anything. Are also preinstalled a 60-day trial of Office 2007 and Security Software Norton Internet Security 2010 with updates for 60 days. Annoying is: hardly the S760 is slightly moved, reports the Shock Sensor Utility, the parking of the write and read head disk. That would also discrete.

The S760 brings a powerful battery with 5400 mAh capacity. While surfing the net and screen dimmed, he keeps a good four hours - which is in view of the fast CPU is a good value. With the wide raised additional VGP-BPS9 battery you would probably run for just over six hours. Charged to the system stronger, the screen goes black after less than three hours.

The hardware of the Lifebook S760 leaving a positive image - with one exception: the fan too loud. He runs very often and is clearly visible. This also applies if the device is operated with low utilization.


When Lifebook S760 Fujitsu has almost everything right: it is stable, fast and offers many wireless options and a keyboard for prolific writers. Unfortunately the fan is because of his own in idle-mode high volume may be present. In a relatively costly device with 1349 € we can expect more.



OCZ makes 1.8-inch SSDs with up to 240 GByte storage

OCZ makes 1.8-inch SSDs with up to 240 GByte storage

Until now, the Onyx series of drives and vertex 2 is only 2.5-inch format were available. The vertex models achieve read rates of up to 285 MByte / s. All SSDs support the TRIM command of Windows 7

OCZ Techology has announced 1.8-inch version of its SSD series Onyx and vertex second The flash drives were previously only in the 2.5-inch format.

The Vertex-2 series includes models with 60, 120 and 240 GB of storage capacity. They provide, in combination with one according to the manufacturer 3-GBit/s-SATA-Interface maximum transfer rate of 285 MByte / s read and 275 MB / s when writing. Access time is less than 0.1 milliseconds. The write performance at 4 KByte small data blocks is 50,000 input commands per second (IOPS).

The mean time between failures (Mean Time Between Failures, MTBF) is OCZ to two million hours. The Stoßresistenz is specified with a maximum of 1500 G. In operation, the drives consume about 2 watts in sleep mode about 0.5 watts.

RAID support is also on board as TRIM support dell latitude d830 battery. The Windows 7 supported TRIM command creates a continuous high performance of SSDs. It shares with the SSD controller, the data blocks are no longer used, so that it can delete the unused cells of rest, in order to later describe without loss of performance again.

Without TRIM support for SSDs can use the service after a prolonged partial decrease considerably. The reason for this lies in the physical features of flash cells, which are used for the SSD models. Flash memory can be described only with no wait states, if the cells are empty.

The 1.8-inch models of the Onyx level series are available in capacities of 32 and 64 GByte. They also support the TRIM command.

The transfer rates vary depending on memory size: The 32-gigabyte version according to the manufacturer creates up to 135 MByte / s read and up to 70 MByte / s in writing mode. With the 64-gigabyte version, it is 145, respectively 120 MByte / s. The 4-Kbyte-write performance of 15,000 IOPS.

Prices OCZ has not yet announced. Some online retailers such as lenovo ideapad s9 battery Alternate listen to the 1.8-inch drives in the Vertex-2 series, however, already. There they will cost, depending on memory size between 230-870 €.



2010-06-23 13:45 北京时间。哈哈哈,我又赢了一次,partener Amy Liao.

Intel builds ExaCluster laboratory in Julich

Intel builds ExaCluster laboratory in Julich

In addition to the research center and the chip manufacturer Cluster ParTec specialist in building and research is involved. The laboratory is to cooperate with other Intel-Labs - that is, in Paris, which also conducts research on Exascale computing dell inspiron e1705 battery.

The Research Centre Julich, cluster specialist ParTec and Intel have signed an agreement to build a ExaCluster laboratory in Julich. It is a public-private partnership for research on computer systems with thousands of today's fastest supercomputer performance and be in the research of Intel Labs High Performance Computing (HPC) involved, particularly in the context of the Exascale Computing Research Center in Paris.

Logo Intel Labs Europe

The lab is the twentieth ExaCluster research lab of Intel Labs Europe. In the beginning there is a dozen researchers are working, their number should grow over time to approximately threefold. In ExaCluster lab will be written under other free Exascale runtime system software, software tools, lenovo thinkpad x60 battery and simulation software.

Floating point operations are flops per second, floating point calculations per second - a measure of the performance of supercomputers. The term Exaflops describes the processing of a trillion - a one with eighteen zeros - instructions per second. Systems that work with such a speed, called Exascale systems.

One challenge for Exascale systems example, it is to understand the complexity of health and biochemical phenomena better to depict organs and detail the behavior of tumors to predict. The more one can take into account dependencies supercomputer, the more meaningful are the simulation results for physicians and researchers.

The decision to Julich has given according to Intel's Toshiba PA3384U-1BRS experience in the supercomputer segment. Its computer network "JUGENE" has just fallen from fourth place on the list of world's five most powerful systems.


Garmin launches new 4.3-inch Navi

Garmin launches new 4.3-inch Navi

The capacitive screen of the Nuvi 3790T dominated multi-touch apple ibook g4 power adapter. Overall, the navigation device just nine millimeters thick. The price of 350 € includes maps of 43 countries.

With the Garmin Nuvi 3790T has a navigation system with 4.3-inch large capacitive multi-touch display in scratch-resistant glass be announced. About the display allows the user fingertip zoom, change the view from 2D to 3D and video content to turn 90 degrees. A lane guidance with 3D view is complicated intersection crossings in cities and on trunk roads and motorways to avoid unintentional input photorealistic dar. there is a screen-lock function: By changing the lenovo ideapad s9 batter power button, the screen is locked. Garmin Navi is only 8.95 millimeters thick.

The 3790T installed on the Nüvi nüRoutes technology includes the services of traffic trends and a more efficient route planning myTrends and will realize as a more accurate prediction of arrival time. The ecoRoute feature helps save money, according to Garmin of gasoline. Other features include voice control and Bluetooth. The latter allows the phone via speakerphone with compatible mobile phones.

In the included holder for the Navi is a speaker installed canon bp-308 battery. This is to allow voice be heard more clearly in the vehicle. The Garmin Nuvi 3790T offers pedestrian navigation and preloaded maps for 43 countries of Western and Eastern Europe. It is expected in the second Quarter of 2010 for 349 € to be available. The price is a TMCpro receiver with European license for real-time services.

Garmin Nuvi 3790T is thin and can also operate in portrait mode (image: Garmin).

Norway's Prime Minister does state business with the iPad

Norway's Prime Minister does state business with the iPad

Because of the volcanic ash cloud over Europe Jens Stoltenberg was set up Saturday in New York. Until his return, he used a cell phone next to the apple macbook pro power adapter Tablet for his daily work.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is to accomplish its daily work on Apple's iPad. He has revealed in an interview with U.S. news channel CNN.

Until Saturday Stoltenberg was due to pass over Europe volcanic ash cloud, which has laid the entire air traffic paralyzed, said in New York. "Travel is normal for a minister, but it differs in that it takes a few days longer than expected lenovo 3000 y500 battery," said the politician CNN. "We have Internet and cell phones. I also use an iPad, which works very well."

Apple should be happy about the free PR. Finally, there is no better way to apply to the iPad as a mobile companion, as if a minister uses it to accomplish its public affairs.

In Israel, however, Stoltenberg would have any problems. For the local Ministry of Communications last week had imposed an import ban on the iPad, because its wireless technology does not meet the Israeli standard for wireless networks canon bp-406 battery.

Even Russian President Dmitry Medvedev recently outed himself as an Apple fan. He was on the brink of nuclear summit in Washington the proposal to continue to chat about the iPhone with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his Apple iPad at New York airport (picture: Statsministerens kontor / Flickr).






Hewlett-Packard exchanges incorrectly filled cartridges

Hewlett-Packard exchanges incorrectly filled cartridges

It relates to the Tri-Colour HP 342 and HP models 351, the provision of which between 1 May and 31 August 2011 expires. They can be exchanged with the seller hp pavilion dv6000 battery. The warranty date is found directly on the cartridge.

The recall action concerns the HP cartridges 342 and 351 (Image: HP).

Hewlett-Packard has launched an exchange program for incorrectly filled cartridges. Affected are all tri-color cartridges of the type HP 342 and hp pavilion dv9000 battery contain 351 (also in Zweierpack 350/351), between 1 May and 31 August were manufactured 2009th

According to an statement from HP that: "Recently we realized that with a small quantity of certain Original HP Tri-Colour inkjet print the chamber for the color inks were filled unevenly. Thus, the level of many chambers are above the real provided value, while it was lower than in others. " This has a but not on the print quality.

Customers who bought one of the data cartridges hp pavilion dv2000 battery, or even buy, they can exchange with the respective vendor. This applies to all cartridges, the warranty from 1 May and 31 August 2011 expires. The dates can be found directly on the cartridges.

Under certain circumstances, HP also found in a small number of cartridges is involved, the period in question included the HP Deskjet D4360, Photosmart C4580 All-in-One Photosmart C4480 All-in-One Photosmart C4472 All-in-One and Photosmart C4485 All-in-one were included. A dedicated support site provides additional information about the exchange program lenovo thinkpad t61 battery.