Battery for flowers this thirty-eight college girls had a very low carbon

Battery for flowers this thirty-eight college girls had a very low carbon

"I have a useless cell phone batteries, pots of flowers can change?" "We have the bedroom to take over the books, and want to change a few goldfish." 7 at noon, Zhejiang Forestry College, East Lake is particularly busy cafeteria door, the Communist Youth League organizations, the school's "waste for flowers, low-carbon over March" event held here, many girls are holding a used items here, hope can be exchanged for their environmental items of hope.

In the event, all student organizations, Zhejiang Forestry College of volunteers who already buy or find business sponsors a number of flowers, goldfish, chopsticks, bags, towels and a number of green items, any girl can be with a certain amount recycling of waste materials, come for the items they need. In the event description on the poster, the students can see: the battery can for flowers, books can be for goldfish, beverage bottles can change bags ... ...

In exchange for a variety of gadgets at the same time, the girls also receive a production of printed by the student volunteers, "low-carbon life tips" leaflets. Leaflets not only a list of dozens of low-carbon living tips, positive initiatives, but also the majority of girls in their festival, not only flies happier, but also flies low carbon, while in his mother happy, do Do not increase the burden to Mother Earth.

"Low-cost, long life, low carbon emission" Silicon Valley stunning revolutionary advent of solid-oxide battery box

Former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz and Colin Powell, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, eBay president , Google co-founder Larry Page, and Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, FedEx and other famous enterprises of high-level U.S. ... ... A few days ago, the political and business circles of the biggest names gathered in San Jose, California headquarters, eBay, not the purpose of their visit to participate in celebrity party, but attended the Silicon Valley emerging energy company Bloom Energy has launched a high-profile solid oxide fuel cell cartridges - Bloom Box.

Tight-lipped after many years, Bloom Energy CEO Sridhar finally announced to the world of this $ 400 million, eight-year-old developed a mysterious fuel cell. According to Sridhar introduction, Bloom Box truly low-cost (10 per cent commercial use only), longevity (life up to 10 years), and almost no carbon emissions, is a "change the world" products, there are more than 20 leading U.S. companies to buy and are using this new battery box. Bloom Box there is a great way of attracting U.S. and AFP and other Western media's attention, almost all of the agency in its the first time a report, the famous CBS "60 Minutes" program is also after the conference Dahl had an exclusive interview on the Sri, then known as the "Box" fuel cells what magic? It really would like Sridhar said, enough to change the world?

Solid oxide fuel cell breakthrough

Bloom Box is a new solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), from the property can be classified as third-generation fuel cell, is stored in a direct fuel and oxidizer in the chemical energy into electrical energy efficiently all solid-state chemical plant.

Compared to the first generation phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) and the second generation of molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), solid oxide cells with high efficiency and adaptability to a wide range of multi-fuel gas and other excellent features. However, as with most new energy, the traditional high-cost solid-oxide cells are also facing problems, because such cells in the production process will inevitably have to use platinum and other precious metals, and because the requirements of high temperature operation, solid oxide battery in a sealed and structural problems, such as the interface between electrolyte and electrode chemical diffusion coefficient of thermal expansion, matching between different materials and the stability of the bipolar plate material, there are a lot of technical obstacles, it simply is "not afford" . American manufacturer of UTC Fuel Cells Solid oxide cell research for 30 years, but still at the experimental stage, its technical difficulty can be imagined.

Bloom Box in materials science and manufacturing processes on the homework the article, it completely eliminates the use of precious metals. According to Sridhar said, Bloom Box core material is sand, zirconium oxide and other semiconductor materials, not more expensive cost of copper and other metals, so the cost would be guaranteed. Bloom Box also has a revolutionary on the compatibility of the performance, it can use almost all the hydrocarbon fuels such as ethanol, bio-oil, gas, or gas, or even vodka, but the whole process of producing electricity, but will not burn these materials, Because solid-oxide cells generate electricity through electrochemical reactions. In the use of oil, coal bed methane and other fossil fuels power generation, its carbon emissions of only 40% of conventional thermal power plants, and if the use of non-fossil fuel power generation, it can be zero carbon emission.

"Cheap cheap electricity rather than batteries."

Fuel cell research has been a century of human history, but the earlier products are basically concentrated in the aerospace and automotive industries, in large-scale commercial and residential areas are rarely tried, this is because the high cost of fuel cells, on the other hand because of poor stability of these batteries, and life is very short, Bloom Box is promising a major breakthrough in this field.

Sridhar at the press conference to launch the Bloom Box size refrigerator rather, the power output of 100 kilowatts, costs about $ 700,000, but the service life of 10 years is sufficient to allow users to recover the costs. Currently over 20 companies nationwide to buy this type of Bloom Box, FedEx once bought five, Google has its headquarters in Mountain View, California purchased four, eBay, Coca-Cola and other companies have also become Bloom Box's first customers. This bulky battery pack from the effects point of view is equivalent to an independent power plant, as long as raw materials to independent power, without the grid, there is a great advantage is to avoid power loss during transmission. Given the higher subsidies in California, Bloom Box cost of electricity is only 8 to 10 cents per kWh, lower than the California commercial electricity currently 14 cents per kWh, the average price, doing three to five years of purchase cost recoverable. In addition, Bloom Box is not vibration at work, no sound, but no odor.

So in the U.S. and other world or no subsidies, subsidies for low areas, Bloom Box you can continue to play magic? In fact, the only conference to announce the Bloom Box series products a, Bloom Energy's vision is not limited to these super-rich and powerful company. According to Sridhar said, Bloom Box products array has many branches, from a single bulb for energy to fuel cells for large enterprises to use the 100-kilowatt battery system of everything. As a few years ago from NASA (NASA) to resign entrepreneurial scientist of Indian origin, Sridhar's ultimate goal is to supply the family, he is expected into the home of the Bloom Box was born in the next few years, the price generally $ 3,000, Sridhar this argument is "we provide cheap electricity is not cheap batteries."

Geometry skill to change the world?

Silicon Valley high-tech companies everywhere, "Box" before the introduction of Bloom Energy can only be used to describe the unknown, but now it seems to have become the hottest star of Silicon Valley, "Times", "National Geographic", "Popular Science" , "Business Week", "New York Times" and a number of mainstream media are full of praise for Bloom Box, Schwarzenegger even be defined as "the history of the United States one of the greatest achievements," but like all new technology, like, Bloom Box brings controversy is not small.

"Fortune" magazine confirms Bloom Box of innovation is also questioned. In view of the core technology Sridhar secretive, $ 700,000 in the price situation, difficult for outsiders to judge from a purely technical point of view this battery really solve this problem cost-effective. In this regard, Sridhar explained that the Bloom Box involve trade secrets, and has submitted patent applications, eight years as the company announced new products that do not want it to be a laboratory, but must first prove that it can be spawned an industry. Sridhar broke the news that the first internal version of the Bloom Box 2006 year already there, according to the agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy, which they sent to the University of Tennessee for two years of testing, after starting from July 2008 to the company send a field test of the product. eBay, installed seven months ago, five Bloom Box, now meet the nearly 15% of eBay's electricity needs.

United States, "Market Watch" (Market Watch) have suggested a non-technical problems: The U.S. Government is not a major supporter of fuel cell technology. In the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act", the fuel cell technology is one of the lowest share of aid, although the overall high-tech batteries and electric vehicles won the $ 2.4 billion in government loans, but so far only from the fuel cell $ 42 million. Overall view, Bloom Box is indeed promising, but needs to be done.

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