Dell Inspiron 1440 Laptop Review, @ Laptopsbattery.us Blog

Dell Inspiron 1440 Laptop Review, @ Laptopsbattery.us Blog

Dell Inspiron 1440 Laptop

Take your work and creativity with you with this Dell Inspiron 1400 laptop. The laptop computer features a powerful 2 GHz processor and spacious 500 GB hard drive.

  • Processor name: Intel Dual-Core T4300

  • Processor speed: 2 GHz

  • Memory: 4 GB

  • Hard drive: 500 GB

  • Optical drive: DVD-RW

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit pre-installed

  • Display: 14 inches

  • Resolution: 1366 x 768

  • Network devices: 10/100 LAN

  • Built-in wireless capabilities: 802.11b/g

  • Video: VGA output, HDMI output

  • Audio: Integrated speakers, headphones jack, microphone jack

  • USB ports: 3

  • Media reader: 7-in-1 media card reader

  • Onboard keyboard and touchpad

  • Dimensions: 13.3 inches x 9.4 inches x 1 to 1.5 inches

  • Weight: 4.96 pounds

  • Color: Black

  • Package includes: Computer, AC adapter, Battery

  • Model number: 1440

This high-quality item has been factory refurbished. Please click on the icon above for more information on quality factory-reconditioned merchandise.

The 1440 features a 14.1-inch WXGA LED display panel resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. may have an internal memory of 3 GB DDR2 800 MHz, hard to secure data up to 320 GB is loaded with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 512 MB of dedicated graphics memory. The laptop has 0.3 MP camera Integrated Internet and is equipped with an 8x DVD-DL-rewriting. Bluetooth-enabled Wi-Fi, this gadget equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo and works with Windows Vista Home Premium.

The good: the integration of solid value, contain decent keyboard and touchpad, 15-month antivirus subscription.

The bad: Not as many configuration options as other Dell laptops, the battery is low.

Conclusion: Dell Inspiron road line 14 has been very decent low-cost Core 2 Duo package, but we want to improve battery life and graphics options.

dell 1440 laptop

While buyers are many laptops with specialized equipment - like a small netbook for travel or a desktop replacement for gaming or video editing massive - there are still many people who need a laptop traditional media. We call the 14 -, 15 - and members of the sets of 16 inches from the “mainstream” category and are the backbone of business laptops on horseback.

Dell has done more than any other to keep the laptop in size in the game, producing cheap, reasonably configurable systems such as the Inspiron 1440th for under $ 700, we have a beautiful 14-inch dual-core widescreen notebook with many configuration options when you add or subtract features they would like.

However, we would like to add a better graphics option, and found on similarly priced Dell s1440-022B (a model of retailing, which is no longer available.) Also note that, in general terms, standards, as a webcam or Bluetooth additional costs here, only to be taken into account in its calculation.

In recent years, Dell has expanded its options for the individual laptop to the new colors and graphics for the cover. Our Inspiron 1440 has a bright purple on the back, a surprisingly strong $ 40 added to the base price. The interior contrasts with a matte black keyboard with a keyboard tray bright gray. In combination with the parts of the frame a bit, feel the total effect is plasticky and toy and vague - will not be taken as a luxury status symbol. This is perfect for a laptop that starts at $ 500 but less than a fully loaded configuration, more than $ 1,000.

The large flat keys are the current standard of Dell and to provide comfortable for typing - the company are the key features of silence for the feeling of luxury in the system. A large touchpad works well enough, but the mouse buttons are somewhat combined with the cheap and feel they are not convincing. Without control of the media and the quick launch buttons to perform the function keys for volume and other users. Interestingly, it was not so long ago, Dell laptops, even very cheap, a number of appropriate media and quick-launch buttons.

The LED screen measures 14.0 inches and has a 16:9 aspect ratio that the extra length to the games with high definition video. X769 1366 native resolution, is ideal for high-definition 720p content, though the glossy screen coating can attract unwanted reflections from other light sources. In 1600 x 900 available for $ 75 is optional, if you (keep in mind that make text and icons smaller), with a higher screen resolution do.

Dell clearing functions, the category of “option, and offers a webcam ($ 25), Bluetooth ($ 20), Blu-ray ($ 125) and 802.11n Wi-Fi ($ 25). Although Dell a leg have not seen a mobile broadband antenna as an option on this model. We like the 15-month protection Norton Anti-virus is the base price.

In the $ 600 - $ 900 in the series, we hope that the standard Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a laptop-sized, like the T6600 on display here GHz 2.2. Do we have seen, all 2.0GHz T6500 CPU slower pace with the last major batch of similarly configured laptops. One area where Dell Inspiron 14 has fallen a little behind was tested on our hard-intensive Photoshop. Interestingly, the systems we use to compare all 320 GB from Hitachi and Toshiba hard drive - Dell was the only one with a Seagate 250 GB (Even more interesting - Dell’s online configurator now has only 320 and disc 500 GB optional) .

That said, the end result is a fast and reliable experience for users of the mainstream, in line with our expectations.

In our test of video playback battery drain ran the Dell Inspiron 14 for 2 hours and 31 minutes - what one expects from a consumer notebook. Other 14-inch systems, including Dell Studio 1440 and the HP DV4-1465dx worked well for 4 hours in the same test. Dell offers a nine-cell battery as an upgrade for $ 40 compared to the standard six-cell, but not add weight and volume to a reasonable life of the battery of a notebook with an LED display and a graphics card. get

Dell Inspiron 14 supports the parts with a standard one-year warranty work-Mail. Relocation site service is an additional service $ 70 or $ 260 for three years at home. Tourism Dell for its various support options - Delivery, comprehensive healthcare, its technology equipment - are confusing to follow and does not know the price that take longer to choose the support option.

dell inspiron 1440 Battery Replacement

Dell inspiron 1440 Battery Replacement

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By jscott418 April 28, 2010

I bought this Notebook as a refurbished through Dell online. For the price it does a good job with Web surfing and basic video playback. By no means is this a gaming machine but it certainly will satisfy most users who expect to use it only for web surfing and using a Office suite. Considering it was only a little more then a netbook, I think this is a good deal.

Sound was very good, one of the best sounding for volume on a notebook I have heard. Screen was bright and the keyboard had a nice feel to it. Obviously the case is very plastic and does not feel solid. I would imagine a few drops on a hard surface and it you could call it done for good. The Touchpad is nice but had some strange tracking issues at times. I did try adjusting the speed and sensitivity which helped. All in all its a cheap laptop with good features where it counts and if you do not mind a case that’s a bit too plastic then this is a good notebook. .

Annieraeglad from Northen Nevada, Oct 7, 2010

I did a research into components before purchasing this laptop which was helpful in deciding what I wanted. However I thought it had Windows 7 and apparently I read it wrong as it came with Vista, so I didn’t have to learn a new operating system…… I chose a 2.0 processor which is very, very fast and that is nice! For a refurbished latop it looks and acts brand new. I payed for faster shipping and when I tried to track it it took 2.5 days to process the order and 6 business days to come so I called Overstock and they refunded the $ of the shipping without a fuss which was also nice and apologized for the error. If I had went through the manufacterer I could have got a better model for about the same money so live and learn I guess but I have no complaints for what I got.

By TexasTriker, Odessa, Texas 09/25/2009

This is my third Dell. I won’t buy any other brand of computer. I have a Dell PC for home use, and now have this new Dell Inspiron (laptop) bought to replace my 8 year old Dell Latitude.

I wanted a large storage for all the pictures I take, and the ability to listen/watch/create DVDs and CDs. This one does that, and has plenty of room left over.

With its 4 GB of Ram and 5 GB Hard Drive, I’m whizzing through everything! Not having a web-cam is not a problem, for me, as I have a snap-on web-cam from my old laptop. Only used the web-cam on the old laptop, one time; and that was when I first got it and wanted to see how it worked.

Dell’s support team is top notch, too. I’ve only (ever) had one problem that I needed help with. It was very easy. I used the “live chat” feature in Dell Support. When I told the tech that I was not comfortable with following his directions and fixing it, myself; the support tech took over my computer and fixed it while I sat back and watched.

Both my other Dells have XP. I was a bit concerned that I might not like or understand the new (to me) Vista. Not so. It is very easy to understand and work with, and I like all the new features in Vista. Love that Side Bar!

Lastly, I want to talk about this computer’s over-all size. My husband and I are retired and spend weeks at a time traveling in our RV. This computer is a perfect size for traveling. You might think it’s small, but the widescreen display makes this laptop seem much bigger than it really is. I play games on it and its display size is just fine.

So, if you’re looking for a great mid-sized, light weight laptop with a larger than average ram and hard drive, and you don’t need a web-cam, but do want good support, and if you don’t want to spend a small fortune to get all this… Then I think you will like this Del Inspiron. But, if you buy it and find that it’s not to you liking, remember… Walmart has a super return policy.

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