Canon EOS 350D Camera Review

Canon EOS 350D Camera Review


Canon EOS 350D Camera

Canon EOS 350D Digital Camera Review: Like a digital SLR camera Canon thunder affordable introduced in 2003. Thus, Canon has had a rival March, Nikon, who responded immediately with the D70. Earlier this year, the successor to the Canon EOS 300D, according to its policy, a new model to the market every year and a half. The Canon EOS 350D is an improved version, but it is a revolutionary camera. The sensor is the same as the Canon EOS 20D, but its size is slightly lower. Other internal features such as the processor has been updated. But the most striking aspect of this course is the appearance of the body. The Canon 350D has visibly reduced and their appearance is much better than its predecessor.


  • 8.2 Megapixel, 22.2 x 14.8 mm sensor, 12-bit RGB CMOS offers images of 3456 x 2304 pixels. Effective number of 8.0 megapixels and an aspect ratio of 3:2.

  • SLR digital camera with interchangeable lenses (supports all Canon EOS series). focal length multiplier of 1.6 compared to a 35mm camera.

  • Variable ISO (100, 200, 400, 800 and configuration of 1600).

  • Show TTL optical viewfinder with detailed information, diopter adjustment and depth of field preview.

  • 1.8-inch low-temperature TFT LCD with 115,000 pixels.

  • Auto, Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Depth of Field AE and manual exposure control, with portrait, landscape, close-up, Sports, Night Portrait and Flash Off programmed modes.

  • Works of "priority shooting mode, ie no separate" Play "to view images. Images can be viewed between shots, and even if the camera shows a picture or a menu, and press the shutter button the camera immediately.

  • Series recordings capture up to 14 images at 3 frames per second (with shutter speeds from 1 / 250 second or faster).

  • Variable white balance with Auto, six presets and manual order (read from a neutral gray or white card) and a tool for color correction.

  • TTL autofocus with seven AF points selected manually or automatically. One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF and manual focus with AF assist, depending on the shooting. Working range from 0.5 to 18 eV at ISO 100

  • E Retractable type TTL flash with red eye reduction. Guide Number at ISO 100, m 13 / 43 m / includes flash-angle in the domain of a 17mm lens. Housing shoe for external flash connection of EX Speedlite flash units.

  • Flash exposure lock function. (FEL)

  • external shoe supports E-TTL II, FEL, and FP (high speed sync) flash with the flash Canon EX series.

  • Red-eye reduction through integrated lighting.

  • TTL exposure with a silicon photocell up to 35 zones. Multi-segment 35 measures in all AF points, Center-weighted, or nine percent of land area linked power meter. Measurement Range EV 1-20 (at normal temperatures, EF 50 mm f / 1.4 USM, ISO 100).

  • Adjustable exposure compensation from -2 to 2 EV in 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 in all shooting modes.

  • Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) from -2 to 2 EV in 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 in all exposure modes.

  • white balance bracketing. (JPEG)

  • Shutter speeds of 1 / 4, 000 to 30 seconds and a bulb setting for long exposure times.

  • Electronic timer with a fixed duration of 10 seconds.

  • Optional external dslr battery grip / trigger to add the secondary wheel control, and AE and focus point buttons for vertical shooting format.

  • Image storage CompactFlash Type I or II, IBM Microdrive compatible

  • USB 2.0 connectivity with TWAIN driver for PC and Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Macintosh. NTSC / PAL selectable connectivity. E3 remote control socket and IR window on the remote control.

  • JPEG 24-bit and 36-bit RAW file. Available resolutions are: 3456 x 2304, 2496 x 1664, and 1728 x 1152nd

  • Backlit LCD screen for reading the data, for ease of use in the dark.

  • DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) and DCF (Design rule for Camera File System) compatible.

  • Canon direct photo printing.

  • The camera is sold separately or as part of a kit with lenses and accessories.


The Canon Digital Rebel XT in the great success of the original Digital Rebel, build a device that has literally transformed the world of digital cameras on the head when introduced. A six megapixel SLR that sold with a goal of less than $ 1,000, the Digital Rebel not only Nikon, Olympus and Fuji in the D-SLR business question, but has pledged to reduce drastically in the all-in " prosumer "market. After the names of its highly popular "Rebel" line of SLR cameras, entry level, the Digital Rebel offers many new features and enhancements to the 10D same exposure, but something to keep costs under control and ensure some differentiation between the rebels and the scale of his brothers at a higher price.

When the original Digital Rebel has ceased, the Digital Rebel XT now runs and improved. The Rebel XT CMOS sensor 8.2-megapixel (8.0 megapixel images online) for an even higher resolution, better manual control over AF and metering modes, an adjustable EV step size, flash exposure compensation, and has a custom menu function to adjust the unit. There is a vast improvement over its predecessor, although the original Digital Rebel excellent camera in its own right. Read on for more details!


As digital cameras are smaller, less space for buttons, controls, indicators, and - the handles. One of the most controversial aspects of the EOS Rebel XT / 350D is the size of the handle. And yet, the size of the grip in relation to what we are accustomed. Photographers use a Canon bodies Series 1 are the Canon EOS Rebel XT / 350D is very low grip. P & S enthusiast photography the handle is similar to what is used - although the objective of greater diameter may leave less space than a few fingers avid P & S digital cameras. users of Pocket P & S is the handle is too large. You can not get their fingers deep into the handle that large organizations with Canon. By simply turning the right hand rear of the camera only gives you a good hand grip size (my opinion). My finger slides easily in a short lower body. Canon has a volume of grip small sacrifice to achieve a compact design - you can not get a grip size of a series in a small camera(camera battery).

I want Canon Canon EOS Rebel XT were added grip / handle is rubber 350D 20D. The 300D Digital Rebel has a rubber grip, but not as sticky as the handle 20D.

A disadvantage of the small handful of difficulties in tracking large vessels, while only handle increases. The purpose of the controls of the organization, not the reverse. The solution to this problem is simply in order to maintain control. Canon BG-E3 Grip (see Annex below) is a better solution, but the small size then sacrificed in part. Attached to the BG-E3, the handle is very nice image size with a good feeling. The horizontal format is better than without the grip BG-E3, but not as nice as the handful of portraits. The BG-E3 can be removed quickly installed / to make the best of both worlds. To manage a vast landscape, choose the 20D or 300D.

The Canon EOS Rebel XT / 350D style is very attractive and good in general / finish and build quality is very good. Of course, it is robust, weatherproof, waterproof Canon 1-series, but there is a difference in the cost so great. And while it might not be as robust as the 20D, I do not want to fall either to a 20D. The slightly rough, matte finish plastic exterior feels cheap / low for some, but the 350D, the Rebel XT is not authorized and has no interest for me to build (plastic technology today is very good). A handful of high quality rubber that go in creating a greater sense of quality.

Buttons and doors have not felt the top of the line quality of a body 1 of the series, but not weak. On the issue is - do not open the door, while the 350D is written to the CF card or lose the photos posted. I consider this function as an error, but usually do not open the door when the unit is written anyway (an indicator light on the back, it is clear when it occurs). I can detect very slight movement of the body by pressing firmly on the handle in just the right place XT. Again, this is not a big problem in my opinion.

The Canon EOS Rebel XT / 350D is almost finished a little brand - in particular marks, where the bayonet is the closest to the handle.


Canon EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement

Canon EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement

  • EOS 350D Grip replacement specifications :

  • Voltage : 7.4V

  • Capacity : 2100mAh

  • Battery Type : NB-2LH

  • Input : 9.0V~12.0V

  • Output : 7.4V

  • Dimensions : 127×70x88mm

Canon EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement - Product information

  • The canon eos 350d battery grip Replacement inbox: battery grip, 2100mAh battery, charger!

  • EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement AC charger: Input- 100V~240V AC 50/60HZ 500mA, Output - 12.5V DC 750mA.

  • Product Type : Battery Grip Replacement for CANON EOS 350D/EOS 400D DSLR cameras.

  • The most attractive point is that the EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement can integrated with a high capacity 2100mAh Lithium Ion battery, which makes 2000 shots actual in one full charge and makes it a dreaming product for professional photographers.

  • The Canon EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement equipped with a vertical-grip shutter button, command dial, AE lock/FE lock, and AF point selector button to enable shooting in the same fashion as a horizontal grip.

  • Order Canon EOS 350D Battery Grip Replacement today: Full One year waranty and 30 days money back.


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